A Full Line-Up Of Benefits to Support You and Your Family
Behavioral Health Resource Flyer

County of San Mateo offers mental and behavioral health benefits through various sources. The Behavioral Health Resource Flyer is an easy to read tool that displays ALL County mental and behavioral health benefits for employees and those benefits that are specific to you based on your selected County Health Insurance carrier.

Benefits Guides, and Rates For Active Employees

Employee Benefits Guides and Rates The Employee Benefits Guide is your single source document for the information you need to make informed decisions about your benefits for yourself and your family. The Employee Benefits Guide is intended to be a summary of some of the benefits offered to you and your family including: health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, short-term disability insurance, and flexible spending accounts.

Benefits Value-Added Resource Flyer

The Value-Added Flyer is an easy-to-read tool that displays all the value-added services offered through your County benefits. This tool provides you with a list of services organized by carrier and details how to access the various services.

Bereavement Leave-Unpaid

Bereavement leave-unpaid is unpaid leave that an employee may take upon the death of a family member.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The County’s EAP program offers work-life assistance to help employees and their family members manage problems related to work, personal relationships, stress, finances, substance abuse, and other life concerns. The EAP also offers job performance referrals, management consultations, critical incident debriefings, and training programs to enhance workplace health and employee effectiveness. It is confidential and available to County employees and eligible family members at no cost.

Headspace: Mental Health Support and Meditations

Everyday mental health, from meditation and mindfulness to coaching and therapy.

How to Apply for Maternity/Parental Leave

This section will help define the leave of absence laws, terms and conditions related to the 4 types of leaves that employees most often request for pre/post childbirth or placement of a child in the home (i.e. adoption or foster care). This section will also provide with you with instruction on how to file a Leave of Absence in Workday. 

How to Calculate Cost of Benefits during Leave of Absence

The deduction that comes out of your check is the ‘employee’ portion, and will not change while you’re on leave (unless benefits costs change at Open Enrollment; effective January 1 of each year) The ‘employer’ portion is the cost the County contributes each month towards your benefits You can find the amount by looking at the Benefits worklet in Workday and add the monthly employer cost to the employee cost to determine what you will be billed Benefits While on Leave While

Imagination Station (Daly City)

Imagination Station Child Development Center is located at 280 – 92nd St in Daly City.  It is the assigned child care center for Daly City employees and is an affiliated child care center for San Mateo County employees. County employees receive preferred registration status for placing their children at this facility. 

Kaiser Health Plan Members: How to Get your FREE Breastpump

Because of the many advantages to breastfeeding, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Kaiser Permanente recommend exclusive breastfeeding/breast milk for the first six months of a baby’s life. However, there may be other situations when pumping your breast milk may be recommended by your doctor or desired by you. As a San Mateo County Kaiser health plan member, you are eligible to receive an AMEDA PURELY YOURS Electric Breast Pump.

Leave for Catastrophic Illness, Injury, or Condition

The Catastrophic Leave Policy is designed to assist employees who have exhausted paid time credits due to a serious or catastrophic illness, injury or condition of the employee or his/her extended family. This policy allows other employees to make grants of time to that employee so that s/he can remain in a paid status for a longer period of time, thus partially ameliorating the financial impact of the illness, injury or condition. The maximum amount of time that can be donated is 1 year. 

Life Insurance

To be eligible for the County’s life insurance benefit, an employee must be a regular full-time or part-time employee (working 20 or more hours per week). The County offers two kinds of life insurance benefits administered by Standard Life Insurance:

Maternity/Parental Leave

Congratulations on the new child in your home or the new child you are expecting! We have developed the following information to provide you with some guidance during your Maternity/Parental Leave. There are three (3) pathways that will help guide you through your Maternity/Parental Leave process:

PAL-Care (Burlingame)

PAL-Care is located at 945 California Drive in Burlingame. PAL-Care was founded in 1993 through the efforts of the County and local employers to find affordable child care for employees who work non-traditional work schedules. County employees receive preferred registration status for placing their children at this facility. 

Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

Dear New Parent, We want to alert you to some important changes to your health insurance coverage as the result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As January 1, 2013, breastpumps are now a fully covered benefit under the County health plans.

Payment during Leave of Absence

In this section, we will define the different types of payments you may receive while you are out on leave. This section will also discuss the integration and restoration of your accrued leave. This section will also cover the County policies related to completing your timecard while on leave.

Reproductive Loss Leave- Unpaid

Reproductive Loss leave is unpaid leave that an employee may take following a Reproductive Loss Event.

Shift: Employee Commute Program

Shift is San Mateo County’s Employee Commuter Benefits Program. We provide flexible resources and incentives to help County employees cut commute costs, reduce commute stress, engage in healthier habits, and minimize their contribution to traffic congestion, local air pollution, and climate change. 

Voluntary Time Off (VTO)

The VTO Program is an option for County employees looking to balance work and personal/family demands.  Full time employees can use VTO to reduce their fiscal year working hours without losing full time employee County benefits.  Interested employees are encouraged to discuss with their manager to determine if VTO is a good option and meets the Department's operational needs.

Work/Life Benefits

A Full Line-Up Of Benefits to Support You and Your Family Leave of Absence, Parental Leave, Employee Assistance, Life Insurance, Housing Resources, Childcare, Wellness and Much more ……

Workplace Mediation Program

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, collaborative problem solving process used as an alternative for resolving conflicts in the workplace.  It is a process facilitated by trained mediators. It is a tool that promotes better understanding and assists employees and employers in reaching mutually satisfying solutions in workplace disputes.