The County has one on-site child care center, "Our Place" at the County Government Center in Redwood City. In addition, the County has established relationships with two additional child care providers in the County: Imagination Station in Daly City and PAL-Care in Burlingame.

Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition assistance is available to benefits-eligible San Mateo County and Courts employees who place their child(ren) at “Our Place” County Child Care Center or one of our affiliated child care programs: Imagination Station in Daly City or Palcare in Burlingame. 

Employees are expected to pay tuition up to an amount equal to 17% of their family household income towards child care costs (per child) at one of these centers.   The County provides assistance by paying the difference between that amount and the actual tuition rate. 

The Tuition Assistance Program application provides complete program information, eligibility requirements and  expectations.  Please read it carefully.

To apply, complete the Tuition Assistance application and document your income to determine your initial eligibility for tuition assistance; you will be re-assessed every six months thereafter to assure your continued eligibility. 

Submit your completed application  with the enrollment application directly to the child care center you have chosen.   The registration fee may be waived (check with the provider).

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Dependent Care Expenses

The County offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program that allows you to pay dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars that are taken out of your bi-weekly paycheck and set aside until you need them.

The open enrollment period for this benefit is during the first three weeks of October for the following calendar year. New employees may enroll within 31 days of employment.

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