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Career Compass

Career Compass is a monthly column from ICMA focused on career issues for local government professional staff, and appears in ICMA's JOB newsletter and online.... View more

How to Ace an Internal Interview

You’ve put your hat in the ring for a new position at your company and you just got word that you’ve been selected for an interview. What could be easier than chatting with managers you already know? Piece of cake, right? Wrong. Internal interviews require the same rigor as interviews with an external company. They also pose a unique set of challenges.... View more

How to Receive Feedback the RIGHT Way

Accepting feedback isn't always easy. Knowing how to be open to feedback can help you make the most of it. Here are some steps to receiving feedback. 1.... View more

Career Guides

Career Pathway Explorer

The Career Pathway Explorer was created to provide County employees and job seekers, with information on career paths available to them here in the County. Whether you are still trying to figure out your calling, or you are thinking of switching tracks, this tool can provide some guidance on careers to check out.

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Career Pathing

San Mateo County strongly encourages its employees to explore new careers that are of interest to them. We design job classifications that promote upward and lateral mobility and avoid “dead end” jobs. Whenever possible, job classifications are written to be generic versus specialty-specific to avoid silos; and when possible, job classifications are designed to include a series to ensure movement. View more