Interns and Fellows

Are you looking to gain experience in the public sector? Do you want to make an impact in your community? If so, a County of San Mateo Internship or Fellowship is the right place for you!

The County offers summer internships as well as year long opportunities to work in county departments. Interns will gain valuable skills and learn the operations of county government.

San Mateo County Internships provide you with more than just a resume builder. Here are some other benefits to interning with us:

You will…

  • Gain hands on learning experience in a professional work setting
  • Learn about the County
  • Get paired with a mentor
  • Receive Academic Credit and/or Transcript Notation (Requirements differ by school. See Academic and Career counselors at your school for eligibility)
  • Develop career related skills and abilities
  • Expand your professional network
  • Work with the community
  • Make a difference

The County of San Mateo Internship Program was created to provide opportunities for career development to individuals interested in working in local government and serving the community. Interns will receive challenging assignments in their respective departments and gain exposure to working in a government setting. The Internship Program provides career opportunities in various fields including: 

  • San Mateo County Health
  • Human Services
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Criminology
  • Library
  • Science and many more.

Few county internships are available year-round, however majority of internship opportunities will be available during the summer. Summer internship posting will be available in March/April. We have 4 main internship programs:

Jobs for Youth Summer Internships

Regional Internship Program

Supported Training & Employment Program (STEP) for Emancipated Foster Youth

Live in Peace Hoover Fellow Program (LIPHF)

For more information, contact the Internship Coordinator at

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San Mateo County's fellowship program aims to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to gain experience in the public sector and contribute to the County's efforts to increase efficiency and enhance the ways in which the organization serves its residents. 

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