San Mateo County encourages the use of teleworking as a viable, voluntary option for County employees. San Mateo County Departments are encouraged to review their operations, if appropriate,  and establish a formal telework program for their department, as successful telework programs are tailored to the environment in which they operate.

The County recognizes the benefits of telework, including:

  • Boosting employee morale and productivity;
  • Promoting options for employees to effectively balance work-life commitments;
  • Providing an additional employee recruitment and retention tool and increasing the County’s competitive advantages by positioning the County as “an employer of choice”; 
  • Boosting employee job satisfaction;
  • Reducing absenteeism;
  • Increasing the County’s ability to provide essential services during/following an emergency;
  • Improving air quality by lowering carbon emissions;
  • Reducing traffic and parking congestion; and,
  • Maximizing the use of County resources, including office space.

Telework vs. Telecommute

Telework is an available option under Administrative Memo E-9 Alternative Work Schedule Policies (2013) which can be used to create a Flexible Work Environment. The County defines telework as work conducted by an employee at a work site other than a County office or other County location.

While “telework” and “telecommute” are often used synonymously, telecommute refers to the portion of teleworking that applies to the daily commute. This guide refers to teleworking, not telecommuting.

The Telework Guide

The County has developed a Step-by-Step Telework Guide for approving and implementing telework arrangements. The Guide provides general guidance, best practices, and sample documents and forms for teleworking in the County. County Departments may adopt this process – or components of it – when crafting a Program which more appropriately meets their needs.