Lighting Districts

County Lighting Districts Map

Public Works provides street lighting for residents and businesses in eleven street lighting districts within San Mateo County.

  1. Bel-Aire Lighting Maintenance District
    San Mateo Highlands
  2. Belmont Highway Lighting District
    Harbor Industrial Unincorporated Area
  3. Colma Highway Lighting District
    Broadmoor Village, Colma Unincorporated Area
  4. County Service Area No. 6
  5. Granada Highway Lighting District
    El Granada & Miramar
  6. Emerald Lake Heights Highway Lighting District
    Emerald Lake Hills / Oak Knoll / Sequoia Tract
  7. Enchanted Hills Lighting Maintenance District
    San Mateo Highlands
  8. La Honda Lighting Maintenance District
    La Honda Area
  9. Pescadero Highway Lighting District
    Pescadero Community
  10. Menlo Park Highway Lighting District
    North Fair Oaks / Menlo Oaks / West Menlo Park
  11. Montara Highway Lighting District
    Montara & Moss Beach

Public Works personnel maintain and service the fixtures on both PG&E and County owned poles. PG&E provides electricity and an electrical connection to each street light. PG&E is paid a fixed monthly fee for electrical energy to these fixtures. District revenue is provided by an annual assessment on tax bills for properties located in County Lighting Districts.

County Lighting District Office

The County Lighting District office is located at 555 County Center, 5th Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063. Regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The District office phone number is 650-363-4100.

Report a Street Light Outage

District personnel depend upon residents and property owners to report street light damages and outages. Residents can report outages by phone or email. Voice messages can be left on a 24-hour "Hotline" by dialing 650-599-1407. Email may be sent to For prompt service, please specify the nearest address to the pole, or a pole number, which may be found on the pole about 6-feet from the ground. Additionally, indicate your name and phone number so staff can contact you for clarifications and notify you of any repair delays. A District electrician services and repairs street light outages reported to the District usually within ten working days.