The County’s EAP program offers work-life assistance to help employees and their family members manage problems related to work, personal relationships, stress, finances, substance abuse, and other life concerns. The EAP also offers job performance referrals, management consultations, critical incident debriefings, and training programs to enhance workplace health and employee effectiveness. It is confidential and available to County employees and eligible family members at no cost.

Claremont EAP Orientation (video)

A detailed overview of the services and benefits offered by Claremont EAP


How to access EAP Services:

Claremont Behavioral Service, Inc. 

Claremont EAP’s hands-on approach and local administrative office will bring a larger network of providers, a better intake experience and additional training hours for our employees.

All eligible employees and/or dependents can call Claremont EAP at 800-834-3773, Group/Employer: County of San Mateo


Assistance for Supervisors and Managers

EAP provides an excellent, confidential resource for employees and can be a valued and effective resource for supervisors and managers.

Here are some situations where EAP can provide organizational support for supervisors and managers:

  • HR & Management Consultations
  • Worry over an employee’s emotional state (grief, trauma, illness, odd behavior)
  • Critical incident de-briefing
  • Interpersonal conflicts between employees
  • Suspected substance abuse
  • Seminars and presentations on a variety of work and personal topics
  • Supervisor Referral (for Job performance problems)

The Supervisor Referral process is a structured tool a manager, supervisor, or HR staff member can use to help employees address specific on-the-job performance problems that are causing concern.  A Supervisor Referral triggers a more generous EAP benefit for the employee, increasing the maximum number of individual counseling visits from 5 to 10.  Employee participation is voluntary.

Supervisors and managers are encouraged to talk with the Employee Relations Unit in the Human Resources Department and EAP early in the process when the first indications of job performance problems arise.

Available Services

Our EAP provider, Claremont EAP, provides resources for no cost CounselingLegal ServicesFinancial ConsultationWork/Life Services, a Personal Advantage Website to access more than 20,000 resources to help with any life event, and a Positivity Center with resources and assessments for resilience, mindfulness meditation, gratitude, and the science of happiness.

Meet Tess! A New Free Service

Tess, an AI Chatbot, provides emotional support and check-ins to boost wellness.  Tess is available 24/7 whenever and wherever you need assistance. 
To get started, text “Hi” to Tess from your smart phone at 650-825-9634 and enter “Claremont” as your company name when she asks.  For more information, please review this flyer.

Claremont EAP Resources


Claremont EAP COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 Resource Center:

Claremont EAP created this Resource Center to ease your access to information about the Coronavirus and to supplement your growing toolkit.



Claremont EAP Anti-Racism Resource Center

Anti-Racism Resource Center:

Claremont EAP stands solidly against racial injustice.



Claremont EAP First Responder Resource Center

First Responder Resource Center:

Claremont EAP supports our law enforcement officers and first responders.

Newsletters for Employees

Claremont EAP produces their own quarterly newsletters for employees and their families to show what services are available.

Topics Include:

  • How Can I Stay Positive for My Kids When I'm So Overwhelmed
  • Moving from Grief to Acceptance
  • Key Facts about Clean Hands
  • How a Little Humor Can Improve Your Work Life
  • Workplace Goals for the New Year
  • Make the Most of Leadership Opportunities
  • Managing Back-to-School Stress
  • Do You Need a Mid-Career Tune-Up?
  • 7 Shrewd Spending Habits to Get You Where You Want to Go in Life


Newsletters for Managers/Supervisors

Claremont EAP produces their own quarterly newsletters for managers and supervisors to show what services are available.

Topics Include:

  • How to Support the People You Lead in Times of Uncertainty
  • Mental Health First Aid: Signs of Suicide Risk in the Workplace
  • How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace
  • Five Ways for Workplaces to Support Employee Happiness
  • Building and Using a Career Action Plan
  • Management Skills: Performance Reviews
  • How Humility Will Make You the Greatest Person Ever
  • Being a Strong Leader

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