The County of San Mateo Employee Performance and Development Program (PDP) replaces Annual Reviews with a Continuous Coaching model, so employees and supervisors get actionable feedback today and support to grow for tomorrow. 

4erformance & Development Program 4 Pillars Graphic

This allows for employees and supervisors to receive actionable feedback and support regularly or in real time, rather than once a year. The 4 Pillars (shown above) is our model that encourages more regular one-on-one discussions, goal discussions, and recognition to foster a more transparent and open culture between employees and supervisors. We leverage surveys and data reporting shared with County leadership focused on feedback content that provides a framework for conversations and concerns at check-ins and staff meetings between supervisors and employees.

Pilot responses to the question "what do you love about your job?"

The wordcloud above shows Program participant responses to the question: "What do you love about your job?," and illustrates that the most important motivator for our employees isn't a paycheck -- it's service to our community and each other.