When employees are promoted from technical roles into management or managers move into significantly more senior roles, they often need to learn new ways of working.  It can be difficult to develop these new skills and support can really make the difference.  Additionally, studies show that not only are those who get coaching more likely to stay with an organization, but their direct reports are 30% less likely to leave.

New managers to the County and current managers that are promoted into a more senior (management) role will be provided with the opportunity to select an internal coach that will support them during their first six months as part of their on-boarding/transition experience. 

100% of the program participants would recommend this program to their colleagues.

How it works

Please review our coach profiles below and contact the coach you are interested in partnering with.  You will partner with a coach for 6 months and have bi-weekly meetings with your coach. 

Partner with a coach to experience a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Our Coaches

Our coaches have completed 60 hours of coach training conducted by the College of Executive Coaching. Coaches are limited to 2 clients at a time to ensure a quality coaching experience.

Anessa Farber

Anessa Farber has worked in San Mateo County for eighteen years in multiple roles, including Health Administration, Probation (Juvenile, Adult), and Mental Health.  Anessa spent eight years working in County Health’s Public Health, Policy and Planning (PHPP) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Departments as the Fiscal and Administrative Officer.

Conrad Fernandes

Conrad has worked for three County departments, including CEO, Health and currently Human Resources, which has given him a broad insight into program management and operations. He has over 15 years of experience in the County in a variety of prior roles including serving as a Budget Analyst, an Administrative Services Manager and a Health Services. He also worked for two other public sector agencies for 10 years, before joining the County. Conrad is passionate about self development, wellness, and enjoys coaching.

Donna Vaillancourt

Donna Vaillancourt served as the Director of the Department of Human Resources with San Mateo County until July 2018.  During her tenure, she spearheaded new workforce planning efforts, leadership development and wellness programs to attract and retain talent in a dynamic organization consisting of over 5,500 employees. She served in various leadership positions during her 37-year career for San Mateo County including Deputy Director of Public Works. 

Emily Weaver

Emily Weaver is the Clinical Services Manager of Rehabilitation Services at San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC), the largest division in County Health. She leads a team of approximately 35 professionals and oversees both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services in the County’s hospital/clinics. Emily came to the County in 2012 as a traveling physical therapist and fell in love with the mission and values that the County, SMMC, and staff possess.

John Keene

John Keene was appointed Chief Probation Officer of San Mateo County on June 10, 2013. He has more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement and probation.

Melissa Sheehan

Melissa Sheehan is an IT Operations Manager for the San Mateo County Health Department responsible for supporting, managing and maintaining Health departmental applications.

Rana Naser

Rana Naser is currently a Classification and Compensation Analyst with the Human Resources Department. She previously worked as a Program Services Manager for the County’s Department of Public Works, managing the Job Ordering Contracting Program for the delivery of various maintenance and construction projects for the improvement of County facilities and infrastructure. Along with 13 years of public sector experience, she also has 10 years of private sector experience, including as a Business Manager for a specialty foundation contractor.

Theresa Rabe

Theresa Rabe is currently employed as the San Mateo County Deputy Director of Human Resources overseeing the administration of Talent Acquisition, Training & Development as well as Organizational Development and Communications (previously oversaw the HRIS/IT and the Benefits/Wellness divisions).  She has recently become a Certified Internal Coach as she strongly believes in inspiring employees to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Trish Erwin

Trish Erwin, PhD, is the Clinic Manager for Fair Oaks Health Center and Sequoia Teen Wellness Center. Prior to this position, Trish was the manager for Family Health Services (FHS) Immunization Branch, Covid-19 Response Unit and Quality Improvement Team. She was heavily involved in the Covid response, including running the operations for all of the County vaccination sites. Trish is an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach from the College of Executive Coaching.

Valissa Mathewson

Valissa Mathewson is currently the Director of Health Information Management at San Mateo Medical center where she oversees Medical Records, Coding, and Clinical Documentation Improvement.  She began employment with the County in 2016 as the Manager of Coding Operations before accepting her current role in 2018.  Prior to working for San Mateo County she was employed at a private facility in Central California.  She has been in healthcare for over 20 years and holds certifications in Health Information, Coding, and Revenue Cycle operations.

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