• The deduction that comes out of your check is the ‘employee’ portion, and will not change while you’re on leave (unless benefits costs change at Open Enrollment; effective January 1 of each year)
  • The ‘employer’ portion is the cost the County contributes each month towards your benefits
    • You can find the amount by looking at the Benefits worklet in Workday and add the monthly employer cost to the employee cost to determine what you will be billed

Benefits While on Leave

  • While an employee is on leave and covered under one of the legally protected leave types, the County (‘employer’) portion of Benefits will continue to be paid by the County
  • The ‘employee’ portion of your benefit deduction will continue to be deducted from your paycheck in the same manner as it is while you’re working if you are using your accrued leave
  • If the employee is not using their accrued leave, the Benefits Division will mail a bill to the employee for the ‘employee’ share of benefits only
  • If you are not on a legally protected form of leave, the ‘employer’ portion of benefits will be paid at a rate of 1 month of coverage for each year of service
    • This begins on the date your leave started. A portion of this time may run concurrently (overlapping) with the ‘employer’ payment that you are entitled to receive while you are covered under one of the legally protected leave types
  • You will be billed by the Benefits Division for the ‘employee’ portion 1 week after each pay date
  • The invoice will tell you what payroll period and portion of the month you are being billed (i.e. 1st half of November or 2nd half of November)  
  • Once you have exhausted your legally protected time off and you have also exhausted your years of service credit, you may be billed for both the ‘employer’ and ‘employee’ portion of benefits if you are no longer using your available accrued leave and/or receiving a paycheck from the County
Pregnancy Leave Chart

Enrolling Baby in Health Benefits

  • In Workday, you have 31 days to add your new baby(ies) to your health coverage
    • Please note: processing a “Dependent Event” in Workday does not add the baby to your coverage
  • Employees must open and process a “birth/adoption” event in Workday and elect the specific types of benefit coverages that you wish to elect for your new baby/child
  • If you wait beyond 31 days, you will have to wait for Open Enrollment, which is typically October-November with a January 1 effective date


  • Risk Management
    • Request for LOA
      • 650-363-7882
      • Ltotah@smcgov.org
  • Controller’s Office
    • State Disability Insurance
      • 650-599-1147
      • 650-363-7888 (fax)
      • payroll@smcgov.org
  • Benefits Division
    • Health Benefits, LOA Billing
      • 650-363-1919
      • benefits@smcgov.org