Classification and Compensation Services provides and monitors a competitive and fair compensation system and maintains a standardized and equitable classification system which defines the scope and nature of job assignments, provides ongoing updates of classification specifications, differentiates between work assignments, identifies job expectations, and supports career development options which enables the County to hire and retain qualified employees.

Alternate and Flexible Staffing Reference Manual

Job classifications fall in two categories: 1) flexibly staffed or 2) not flexibly staffed (standalone classifications). We describe flexible staffing as a "pattern" of staffing. Flexible staffing refers to the relationship that exists between a group of related classifications in regard to skill level, e.g., Trainee vs. Journey Level. A flexibly staffed classification pattern allows qualifying individuals to promote upwards when the required level of knowledge, skills and abilities has been reached.

Bilingual Pay Policy and Guidelines

A salary differential allowance shall be paid to employees in positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by their respective Department Heads or their designee. Said differential shall be prorated for employees working less than full-time or who are in unpaid leave of absence for a portion of any given pay period.

Classification and Compensation Guidelines

The County’s compensation strategy focuses on the Bay Area labor market and include public employers both at the County and City level, and which may also include specialized private and public sectors for a few select jobs. The strategy uses a combination of market pricing and job ranking approach to pay determination.

County Holidays

Please check your MOU/Resolution for specifics about holidays for your bargaining unit.

Limited Term Request Form

Use this form to detail justification and request approval for Limited Term Positions.

Master Salary Resolution

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the County Board of Supervisors adopts the Master Salary Resolution (MSR) that enacts the decisions made by the Board concerning the number of positions in the County service for the fiscal year. The MSR is the base document identifying the number of authorized (regular) positions and classifications for all County jobs. It also establishes the compensation and certain benefits other than base pay for County officers and employees.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Memoranda of Understanding are collective bargaining agreements between the County of San Mateo and the unions that various classifications of County employees have chosen to represent them. 

Salary/Classification/Benefits Surveys

Most of the information that you need in completing surveys is on our web site. We have identified below how you may best navigate the site to get this information. If after reviewing the information on the site, you are unable to locate what you need, please call us at (650) 363-4343. If you have suggestions as to how we can make this site more useful, please e-mail

Alternate and Flexible Staffing Reference Manual Classification and Compensation Guidelines County Holidays Job Classification Table Job Descriptions Master Salary Resolution Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) San Mateo County Ordinance Code