Because of the many advantages to breastfeeding, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Kaiser Permanente recommend exclusive breastfeeding/breast milk for the first six months of a baby’s life. However, there may be other situations when pumping your breast milk may be recommended by your doctor or desired by you.

As a San Mateo County Kaiser health plan member, you are eligible to receive an AMEDA PURELY YOURS Electric Breast Pump.

CALL Kaiser Permanente’s breast pump ordering line AFTER THE BIRTH OF YOUR BABY at 1 (877) 291-5204.

  • The automated telephone system will prompt you to provide the mother’s Kaiser Permanente Medical Record Number, the baby’s date of birth, and a shipping address.
  • You have 180 days after the birth of your baby to request this pump at no charge.
  • You should receive your new breast pump within 2-3 business days of placing the order.
  •   If you have questions about how to properly use the breast pump, contact the local breastfeeding clinic or lactation specialist/consultant at your Kaiser medical facility.

If you have any questions about breast pumps that are covered under your plan, please consult your Evidence of Coverage document or call the Customer Service phone number listed on the back of your Kaiser medical card.