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Welcome to the San Mateo County Jobs for Youth (JFY) program!

In 1982, Daly City Mayor Al Teglia had an idea: What if every youth in San Mateo County received training for the skills they needed to succeed in the workforce? From that idea came Jobs for Youth, a County of San Mateo program for youth ages 14-21. Originally part of the Human Services Agency, Jobs for Youth transitioned to the Human Resources Department in the fall off 2017.

In this newest chapter, the program has solidified its three pillars of success/services—career & professional development workshops, connecting youth to employment & volunteer opportunities within the county, and access to an annual scholarship fund for post-secondary education. JFY takes a holistic approach to serving the County’s youth, by encouraging them to seek careers and higher education that align with their own passions, providing one-on-one coaching & mentoring, and promoting equity and inclusion.

These program components support the achievement of an aspirational goal: In service of the County of San Mateo's Shared Vision 2025 for a healthy, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious, collaborative community, we envision a county in which every youth feels empowered to take charge of their career and economic future. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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