Alambique Trail

The Alambique Trail is an unpaved service road. It is the only trail in Wunderlich that can take you to Skyline and back without using other trails. It includes two of Wunderlich's five "destination points" - "Alambique Flat" and "The Crossroads", both of which have benches. All loop hikes in lower Wunderlich will involve the Alambique Trail to some extent. The largest known redwood in Wunderlich Park is on this trail on the way up to Alambique Flat - its gnarled limbs and blown out top made it less desirable for milling, which saved it from being felled for lumber.

Alambique Trail 1
Alpine Trail

A 7.6-mile paved trail that loosely follows Alpine Road between Menlo Park and Portola Valley. Bicycles are welcome.

Alpine Trail Photo
Archery Fire Road

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart Archery Fire Road
Bay Trail

A segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail that runs through the inland area of the Coyote Point Recreation Area.

Bay Trail
Bay Tree Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Bay Tree Trail
Baywood Glen Trail

0.6 miles of switchbacks weave through dense oak woodland, home to several species of spring-blooming flowers and blooming vines, and emerge onto serpentine grasslands.

Edgewood Park - Sylvan Trail  004_0.jpg
Bear Gulch Trail

The Bear Gulch Trail is a single track trail which includes two destination points with benches - the Redwood Flat and The Meadows. It has several junctions with other trails making it useful for putting together loops of varying distances. The Bear Gulch Trail is generally mixed forest throughout; starting near the stables, the trail travels gently uphill through California bay, Douglas fir, tan oak, and madrone. You’ll be surrounded by tall shrubs including coyote bush, poison oak, elderberry, and California coffeeberry shrubs on this trail.

Wunderlich - Bear Gulch Trail-003.jpg
Bear Ridge Trail

This 1-mile length of natural trail has an elevation change of 340 feet. It is a trail connector to Brook Trail Loop and Pomponio Trail for hikers and equestrians and provides access to the upper Canyon Trail.

Bear Ridge trail Photo
Big Tree Trail

A short loop trail from the Sam McDonald Park parking lot that allows hikers with limited time to stretch their legs and see some magnificent old growth redwoods.

Big Tree Trail Photo
Bluff Trail

Traverses a large Eucalyptus grove that overlooks the San Francisco Bay.

Coyote Point - Bluff Trail  005.jpg
Bluff Trail

A trail that ascends through Fitzgerald Marine Reserve's Cypress grove to the western bluff top and affords wide views of the Pacific Ocean.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve - Bluff Trail  003.jpg
Bog Trail

A disability accessible trail with benches and a nearly flat grade located near the park entrance

Bog Trail Photo
Bravo Fire Road

This steep, 1.5-mile, road has had multiple names over the years and provides an alternate route for hikers and equestrians from the Towne Fire Trail to the Bear Ridge Trail users enjoy seeing old growth Redwoods as they travel along the road.

Bravo Fire Road trail Photo
Bridge Trail

This 1.1-mile hiking and equestrian trail that connects Old Haul Road with Pomponio Trail and Tarwater Loop Trail. Stop on the bridge for a magnificent view of Pescadero Creek.

Bridge trail-Photo
Brook Trail Loop

Hikers and equestrians enjoy beautiful vistas of the Pacific Ocean, grasslands and old growth Redwoods traveling this 6.0 mile trail. This trail provides access to Pomponio Trail and connects with Old Haul Road and access to Memorial Park.

Brook trail photo
Brooks Creek Trail

Brooks Creek Trail offers views of Brooks Falls as it drops 175 feet in three tiers during the rainy months of winter and spring. The trail forms a 2.2-mile loop with Montara Mountain Trail.

Brooks Creek Trail Photo
Buckeye Trail

A half-mile of switchbacks though Eucalyptus trees, Oak woodland, and coastal scrub. The trail connects the Meadow View Parking lot and the Live Oak Nature Trail.

Buckeye Trail
Butano Ridge Loop Trail

Hikers, riders and their horses need to be prepared for the 2,000-plus foot elevation change along this 10.3 mile trail. Beginning at Old Haul Road, the trail climbs through second growth Redwoods and mixed evergreen forest. This trail can be accessed from either the Wurr Road entrance or Portola Redwoods State Park.

Campground Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Crystal Springs-007.jpg
Canyon Trail

Canyon Trail provides access to Tarwater Loop Trail from Bear Ridge Trail and Brook Trail Loop. It contains some great views of Tarwater Canyon and old growth redwoods.

Canyon Trail
Canyon Trail

The Canyon Trail is a single track trail that closes to equestrians in the rainy season but is open year round to hikers/runners. This trail connects to the Campground Trail and the Crystal Springs Trail. When hiking this trail the visitor will see Redwood, Madrone, Oak trees. Some of the wildlife seen will be deer, red-tailed hawks and banana slugs.

Huddart-Canyon Trail-001.jpg
Chaparral Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Chaparral Trail-003.jpg
Chickadee Nature Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Chickadee Nature Trail
Chinquapin Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Chinquapin Nature Trail
Clarkia Trail

The Clarkia Trailhead lies to the south of the park, off Cañada Road, about a half mile south of the Edgewood/Cañada Road intersection. Limited roadside parking is available. Clarkia Trail is the only trail that traverses the southern end of the park, starting in grassland and then transitioning into warmer, more shrubby chaparral with blooming annual plants and shrubs. There is a photogenic rock outcropping approximately 0.3 of a mile up from Cañada Road. Clarkia Trail ends in a junction with the Sunset Trail near the Sunset Trailhead.

Edgewood Park - Clarkia Trail  001.jpg
Creek Trail

Hiking trail, 1.2 miles, starts at Wurr Road Bridge, parallels Pescadero Creek to western border of the Park at the Homestead Flat Youth Campground. Early May through June, native azaleas bloom and later in the year, small waterfalls are found west of the Campground road.

Creek Trail Photo
Crystal Springs Trail

The Crystal Springs Trail is a single track trail that runs down the northern section of the park and connects to several trails in the park.

Huddart-Crystal Springs-001.jpg
Cypress Trail

Cypress Trail passes through a Cypress Grove and connects the Coastal Trail to the Bluff Trail.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve - Cypress Trail  003.jpg
Dairy Ravine Trail

A short trail that connects Summit Loop to Eucalyptus Loop.

Dairy Ravine Trail Photo
Dardenelle Trail

A short segment of the California Coastal Trail that connects California St. and Cypress St. It travels through Cypress grove and along a riparian area that provides habitat for migrating birds. The trail is disability accessible and bicycles and horses are permitted.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve - Coastal Trail  006.jpg
Day Camp Service Road

A broad soil path that connects the Edward Bacciocco, Jr. Group Area with the parking lot near the park entrance.

Day Camp Service Road Photo
De Anza Trail

A short spur that offers a shortcut though Oak woodland to both the Quail Loop Trail and upper Live Oak Nature Trail Loop.

De Anza Trail
Dean Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Dean Trail-001.jpg
Edgewood Trail

The Edgewood Trail runs roughly east to west on the northern side of the park and can be accessed from both ends: either from the main parking lot or from the Edgewood Trailhead located at the junction of Edgewood Road and Cañada Road. Taking the trail from the main parking lot on the north-eastern end of the park, your first half mile is a strenuous climb up a 9.5 average grade, beneath dense and shady oak woodland.

Edgewood Park - Edgewood Trail  001.jpg
Eucalyptus Loop Trail

A vigorous hike with 182 ft. elevation change though eucalyptus forest and open grass and scrub lands.

Eucalyptus Loop Trail Photo
Forest Loop Trail

A 2.6-mile loop comprised, in part, of fire roads. The loop provides walk-in access to the Sam McDonald youth campgrounds. Horses are allowed only on the fire road section of the loop.

Forest Loop Trail Photo
Franciscan Trail

The Franciscan Trail begins and ends on the Edgewood Trail and ends at the Ridgeview Trail shortly before it descends to meet the Sunset Trail.

Edgewood Park - Franciscan Trail  001.jpg
Hazelnut Trail

The thick vegetation of Hazelnut Trail offers a good survey of native flora. The trail links the valleys of the South and the Middle Forks at a considerable elevation and enjoys views of the Montara Mountain side, the Pacific Ocean, Sweeney Ridge, and the expansive valleys of the park. Horses are welcome.

Hazelnut Trail Photo
Heritage Grove Trail

A 2.6-mile trail that leads from the Sam McDonald Parking lot to the spectacular old-growth redwoods of Heritage Grove. The trail ends near the Sierra Club Hiker's Hut and a junction with the Towne Fire Road.

Picture of Heritage Grove Trail
Homestead Trail

This short hiking trail, 0.9 miles, parallels Pescadero Creek and is the shortest route from Park Headquarters to Homestead Flat. Homestead Trail connects with Creek Trail for a 2.4 mile loop and accesses Pomponio Trail.

Footbridge on Homestead Trail
Jean Lauer Trail

Jean Lauer Trail wanders the windswept heights of Pillar Point Bluff. It is an ADA accessible dirt-packed trail which connects the Pillar Point Bluff parking lot and Bernal Ave and is open to hikers, joggers, bicyclists, equestrians, and dogs on leash.

Jean Laur Trail
Jones Gulch Trail

Although this trail is for equestrians and hikers, hikers are only allowed on the single track section of this trail that connects to the Towne Fire Road. Large old growth Redwoods are found along this short alternate route to the Pomponio Trail.

Jones Gulch Trail photo
Kings Mountain Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Kings Mountain Trail
Live Oak Nature Trail Loop

The self-guided Live Oak Nature Trail offers a short interpretive loop along the park's lower north-facing slope.

Live Oak Nature Trail Loop
Live Oak Trail

A 0.6-mile trail along the wooded northern side of Edgewood Park's 875-foot crowning ridge. Horses are welcome.

Edgewood Park - Ridgeview Loop Trail  005.jpg
Loop Trail

The Loop Trail also serves as the park’s lower service road. It is a 12’ wide dirt road that goes in and out of trees before reaching the junction with Alambique Trail. The Loop Trail ends there but the Alambique Trail continues up, with the Meadow junction just another tenth of a mile uphill.

Loop Trail
Madrone Trail

The Madrone Trail can be used to form a 2.6-mile loop in lower Wunderlich Park. It can be accessed from the Bear Gulch Trail or Meadow Trail.

Wunderlich - Madrone Trail-001-cropped.jpg
Marina Trail

A short loop on Coyote Point Marina's breakwater.

Coyote Point Marina
Meadow Trail

The Meadow Trail offers the only hike through “The Meadows” (Wunderlich’s only substantial grassland). It offers multiple benches and a vista point overlooking the southern half of San Francisco Bay.

Wunderlich - Meadow Trail-001.jpg
Meadow Vista Trail

An out-and-back gravel road that traverses open grasslands and offers views of the San Francisco Bay and the East Bay Hills.

Meadow Vista Trail
Montara Mountain Trail

One of San Pedro Valley Park's most scenic trails, Montara Mountain Trail offers views of Pacific Ocean, the Farallon Islands and the exterior of Pacifica.

Montara Mountain Trail Photo
Mt. Ellen Nature Trail

Hikers can pick up a self-guiding handbook at the Park entry station and take this 1.0 mile trail, which is a short side loop of the Mt. Ellen Summit Trail. Trail runs through forest with a minor elevation change of 54 feet.

Mt. Ellen Nature Trail
Mt. Ellen Summit Trail

Hikers will enjoy the challenge of the elevation change from 250 feet at Pescadero Creek Road entrance to 680 feet at the summit. Trail is soil, 1.6 miles, through lovely forest backdrop.

Mt. Ellen Summit Trail
Oak Cove Trail

A gravel road shaded by Coast Live Oak trees that parallels the El Zanjon Creek drainage.

Oak Cove Trail
Oak Trail

The Oak Trail is Wunderlich’s shortest trail, but you have to use 1.5 miles of other trails to get to it! It is another trail deserving of its name, gently rolling through an oak woodland, nearly absent of redwoods and fir trees.

Wunderlich - Oak Trail-001-cropped.jpg
Old Guadalupe Trail

A paved road that picks up at the entrance of the park and passes through the headwaters of Colma Creek. Horses are welcome.

Old Guadalupe Trail Photo
Old Haul Road

This 5.7 mile multi-use route for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians goes from Memorial Park to Portola State Park. Within Pescadero Creek Park, many of the other trails intersect with Old Haul Road. This is also the main access road for maintenance crews so stay alert for trucks and tractors.

old haul road photo
Old Ranch Road Trail

A dirt road used primarily by residents of Brisbane to access San Bruno Mountain. Horses area welcome.

Old Ranch Road Trail Photo
Old Stage Road

A 0.9-mile trail that climbs up a steep but well manicured gravel surface under shady oak canopy, then emerges onto the rolling serpentine grasslands of the park. Horses are welcome.

Old Trout Farm Loop Trail

A mostly level road that travels from the Trout Farm picnic area along the South Fork of San Pedro Creek.

Old Trout Farm Loop Trail Photo
Plaskon Nature Trail

A short trail great for easy plant identification and experiencing nature up close in a riparian environment.

Plaskon Nature Trail Photo
Pomponio Canyon Trail

Hikers will enjoy this 3.5 mile, moderately steep trail (elevation change of 602 feet) that winds along the northwest border of the Park opening to a vista of Santa Cruz County to the Pacific Ocean. This is NOT part of the Pomponio Trail in Pescadero Creek Park.

Pomponio Trail
Pomponio Trail

This trail crosses the west end of Pescadero Creek and climbs about a half mile and then descends to the Towne Creek area where hikers and equestrians can enjoy a small fern grotto. Users need to watch the signs as the route changes from single track to fire road in several places with numerous junctions encountered.

Pomponio trail photo
Portola Trail

This connector trail runs from Old Haul Road in the Portola Redwood State Park to the southern part of the Butano Ridge Loop Trail. In the winter months, hikers and equestrians can enjoy the sight of a small waterfall on Fall Creek.

portola trail photo
Promenade Trail

A paved trail that runs along the Coyote Point Promenade and looks north across the Bay towards the San Francisco Airport.

Coyote Point - Promenade 003_0.jpg
Quail Loop Trail

A one-mile loop that traverses Coast Live Oak woodland, Eucalyptus groves, mature stands of Monterey Pines, and open grasslands. The loop climbs to the top of Junipero Serra Park and enjoys fantastic views of the San Francisco Bay, S.F International Airport, and Mount Diablo.

Quail Loop Trail
Ralston Bike Trail

A paved 1-mile bicycle, hiking and jogging trail that connects Belmont with the Crystal Springs Trail.

Ralston Bike Trail Photo
Redwood Nature Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Redwood Trail-011_1.jpg
Redwood Trail

The Redwood Trail, as the name implies, goes threw a mixed forest dominated by redwoods. It can be used to add .6mi to the loop described in the “Madrone Trail” section above for a 3.2-mile loop.

Wunderlich - Redwood Trail-003-cropped.jpg
Richard's Road Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Richards Rd-001.jpg
Ridge Loop Trail

A fire road that connects Pescadero Creek road and the Jack Brook Horse Camp. This road provides public vehicle access to the horse camp (reservation holders only) and provides a scenic ride or hike with views of the ocean on a clear day.

Ridge Loop Trail Photo
Ridge Trail

A favorite trail of cross county runners, and backpacking enthusiasts, Ridge Trail travels along the Southeast Ridge to the San Bruno Mountain Summit. Horses are welcome.

Ridge Trail Photo
Ridgeview Trail

The Ridgeview Trail traces the sunny southern side of Edgewood Park's 875-foot crowning ridge and offers spectacular vistas of the serpentine grasslands below. To the south, beside 280, lies an off-trail butterfly habitat, which because it is regularly mowed to encourage growth of native food species for the butterflies, errupts with especially vivid splashes of yellow and gold flowers. The trail ends with a 0.1-mile climb to "Inspiration Heights," situated on the southeastern end of the ridge, where hikers may enjoy views of the San Francisco Bay, from Mt.

Edgewood Park - Live Oak Trail  002_0.jpg
Saddle Loop Trail

A gravel multi-use trail with fantastic views of the San Francisco skyline and Marin Headlands. Horses are welcome.

Saddle Loop Trail Photo
Sand Hill Trail

Sand Hill Trail is a 2.8-mile unpaved path travels along Sand Hill Road and connects with Woodside Town trails.

Sand Hill Trail
Sequoia Trail

This 0.7 trail was named for the grand old Sequoia sempervirens, the largest redwood in Memorial Park that graces it. This trail starts in the upper C loop at the Sequoia Flat Campground and ends at the Tan Oak Flat Picnic Area.

Sequoia Trail
Serpentine Trail

Serpentine Trail traverses the center of the park from roughly east to west and follows along the northern base of Edgewood's crowning ridge. The trail passes through thick golden grasslands, which in the Spring, bloom densely with colorful wildflowers, making this, along with the Sunset Trail, the premier flower-viewing area in the park.

Edgewood Park - Serpentine Trail  003.jpg
Shaw Flat Trail

Hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians use this trail to access the Shaw Flat Trail Camp from Old Haul and Towne Fire Roads. Users of the Shaw Flat Trail Camp must pack in their own water and cooking fuel.

Shaw Flat Trail Photo
Sheep Camp Trail

This trail connects upper Belmont/San Carlos and the area known as the Cross Country Running Course to Crystal Springs Trail.

Sheep Camp Photo
Shoreline Trail

Coyote Point's only unpaved trail and excellent for those interested in birdwatching along the salt marsh.

Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. It’s lower end is at the intersection of Ranch/Stadler Roads outside Wunderlich Park boundaries, though most would leave the Skyline Trail at “The Crossroads” to continue down to the parking lot. There are two benches at “The Crossroads”. The Skyline Trail tops out at Skyline Blvd, with MROSD’s El Corte Madera Creek OSP across the Blvd.

Picture of Skyline Trail
Skyline Trail

Please note: The trails section of the Huddart Park website is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect.

Huddart-Skyline Trail-001_3.jpg
Summit Loop Trail

A loop that starts and ends at the Trailhead Parking lot. The route includes San Bruno Mountain summit with panoramic views of the entire Bay Area. Horses are welcome.

Summit Loop Trail Photo
Summit Springs Fire Road

Summit Springs Fire Road runs north to south in Huddart Park and connects Richards Road Trail with the Archery Fire Road. It also intersects the Skyline Trail. Hikers and equestrians will encounter several trees such as redwood, madrone, and Douglas firs.

Huddart-Summit Springs-001_0.jpg
Sunset Trail

A 0.8-mile trail that rolls along the base of Edgewood's main ridge on its southern side, passing through serpentine grassland at a fairly even grade. Horses are welcome.

Edgewood Park - Serpentine Trail  006.jpg
Sylvan Trail

A mile-long trail that ascends from the base of the park, weaving through a coast live oak and California bay woodland.

Edgewood Park - Sylvan Trail  003_1.jpg
Tan Oak Nature Trail

Stop by the Park Headquarters and pick up a self-guiding handbook and enjoy hiking this easy and short nature trail (0.5 miles) located in the Tan Oak Flat Picnic Area.

Tan Oak Nature Trail
Tarwater Loop Trail

Hikers and equestrians using this 4.7 mile loop will travel by an old dairy farm, an early shingle mill and one of the largest Coast redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Naturally occurring crude oil deposits are present in some portions of Tarwater Creek.

Tarwater Loop Trail Photo
Towne Fire Road

Used by hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians, this 5-mile stretch of road connects the Sam McDonald Park parking lot with Old Haul Road and is the access point for many trails in Pescadero Creek Park. As it has a steep grade, it is recommended for the downhill portion of your hike.

Towne Fire Road Photo
Trails at Mirada Surf

A .36 mile multi-use and ADA accessible trail from Magellan Ave. to Surfers Beach provides an important link in the California Coastal Trail, a popular trail for sea-side strolls, jogs, or rides. Another trail leads from Highway 1 to Quarry Park through Mirada Surf East. Paths are open to hikers, joggers, equestrians, bicyclists and dogs on leash.

View of cliff, sand, and beach
Valley View Trail

An excursion from Weiler Ranch Trail that winds through a small Eucalyptus forest, open grassland and Coastal Chaparral. Excellent views of Montara Mountain, the Middle Fork of San Pedro Creek valley and the coast. Horses are welcome.

Valley View Trail Photo
Vista Point Trail

The 1-mile Vista Point Trail begins as a service road in the main parking lot. The road enters a dense eucalyptus forest and begins to gain elevation. Enjoy great views through the trees of the Pacific Ocean.

Vista Point Trail
Weiler Ranch Road

A mile-long gravel road for use by hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians. The trail follows the valley floor of the Middle Fork of San Pedro Creek and offers excellent wildlife viewing.

Weiler Ranch Road Photo
Wurr Trail

This 0.3 mile trail connects the Pescadero Creek Park Trailhead (Wurr Road) at Wurr Flat Campground and Creek Flat Picnic Area. A steep spur trail near Pescadero Creek links with Sequoia Trail and gives access to Sequoia Flat Campground.

Wurr Trail
Youth Camp Fire Road

A 1.8-mile fire road that connects Choctaw, Modoc and Chinook youth camp areas.

Youth Camp Fire Road Photo