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The Meadow Trail offers the only hike through “The Meadows” (Wunderlich’s only substantial grassland). It offers multiple benches and a vista point overlooking the southern half of San Francisco Bay.

The Meadow Trail can be used to form a 4.2-mile loop with the Meadow Trail being the middle leg of the hike. The Meadow Trail has several junctions which can be used to criss-cross lower Wunderlich Park and create hikes of varying lengths. The Meadow Trail's bottom end is at its junction with the Alambique Trail, just uphill of the Alambique Trail's junction with the Loop Trail. The Meadow Trail's top end joins with the Bear Gulch Trail in “The Meadows”. There is a bench at the Meadow Trail and Bear Gulch Trail junction, which is a mere tenth of a mile away from the mid-point of the following 4.2-mile loop from the parking lot: take Alambique Trail to Meadow Trail junction and turn right, stay on Meadow Trail to its end at the Bear Gulch Trail (mid-point bench at Meadow and Bear Gulch Trails junction), turn right on the Bear Gulch Trail and take it all the way down to the parking lot.

Trail Information
Park: Wunderlich Park

Open to: Equestrian, Hiking




1.50 miles



Elevation Change: 

612 ft.

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