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The Skyline Trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. It’s lower end is at the intersection of Ranch/Stadler Roads outside Wunderlich Park boundaries, though most would leave the Skyline Trail at “The Crossroads” to continue down to the parking lot. There are two benches at “The Crossroads”. The Skyline Trail tops out at Skyline Blvd, with MROSD’s El Corte Madera Creek OSP across the Blvd. The Skyline Trail continues 5+ miles to the north, quickly leaving Wunderlich Park, eventually arriving at and continuing through Huddart Park for an extended journey. While it is not a true loop, the Alambique Trail from parking lot to Skyline, Skyline Trail down to “The Crossroads”, and back down the Alambique Trail is a strenuous 9.8-mile hike with 1720’ of elevation gain.

Trail Information
Park: Wunderlich Park

Open to: Equestrian, Hiking




2.70 miles



Elevation Change: 

819 ft.

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