Jumpers are allowed in select Reservation Sites only at:

  • Coyote Point Recreation Area (excluding the Magic Mountain Picnic Sites)
  • Flood Park (excluding Manzanita Picnic Area)
  • Junipero Serra Park (excluding Buckeye Picnic Area)
  • Quarry Park
  • San Pedro Valley Park (excluding Creekside Picnic Area)

An additional fee of $90.00 is required and jumpers are allowed only after payment is accepted, and permit issued from the Reservation Office. All paperwork and payments must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the date of your reservation (Parks Office business days are Mon-Thurs). Please call the reservations desk for details at (650)363-4021.

Procure a Jumper Permit

1. Reserve a jumper-friendly site.

A list of jumper-friendly sites is provided below.

2. Engage the services of a recreational jumper device company.

See a list of pre-registered recreational jumper device companies. You can also use a company that isn't registered with us.

3. Submit our hold-harmless agreement form.

If you use a recreational jumper device company that isn't already registered with us, send us the insurance documentation for the company. Email: parksreservations@smcgov.org. Fax: (650) 599-1721.

4. Once you have submitted all the required information, please call the reservation line to pay for the jumper.

Jumper Restrictions

  • If you are having more than one jumper or other activities, you must apply for a Special Event Permit.
  • You, the customer—not the jumper rental company—must submit the hold-harmless form. The hold-harmless agreement form must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the event date (Parks Office business days are Mon-Thurs).
  • The jumper rental company needs to have a Certificate of Insurance for $1 million dollars, naming San Mateo County Parks Department as an additional insured. Only regular size jumpers (16x16) are allowed in the County Parks. Jumpers with attachments are not allowed in any of the County Parks.

Jumper-Friendly Reservable Sites

Coyote Point Recreation Area Beach PicnicBeach Picnic Area Eucalyptus Picnic Area 1Eucalyptus Picnic Area
Flood Park Bay Group Picnic AreaBay Picnic Area Madrone picnic tablesMadrone Picnic Area Maple picnic tablesMaple Picnic Area Oak Premium Picnic AreaOak Premium Picnic Area Pine Picnic AreaPine Picnic Area Redwood Picnic AreaRedwood Picnic Area
Junipero Serra Park Bay View Shelter 4_0.jpgBay View Shelter De Anza Picnic Area PlaygroundDe Anza Picnic Area Meadow View 9_2.jpgMeadow View Picnic Area Willow Shelter Picnic AreaWillow Shelter Picnic Area
San Pedro Valley Park North Walnut Grove Picnic AreaNorth Walnut Grove Picnic Area South Walnut Grove Picnic AreaSouth Walnut Grove Picnic Area

Quarry Park

There are no reservable facilities available at Quarry Park, but jumpers are allowed in drop-in picnic areas with the required jumper permit.