Coyote Point Recreation Area Closures
Ongoing closures at Coyote Point Recreation Area include the Beach Center, trails, and a restroom in the Eucalyptus area of the park.
Bicycle Sunday Canceled May 26 for Memorial Day Weekend
On Monday, May 26, Bicycle Sunday, the weekly event that allows for non-motorized use of Cañada Road along Crystal Springs Regional Trail, will be canceled to meet increased staffing needs at other parks in the area for the Memorial Day weekend.
Cowell-Purisima Trail Closure, May 29
On Wednesday, May 29, Cowell-Purisima Trail, including its restroom and parking lot, will be closed to allow for agricultural activity in the area.
San Bruno Mountain Park Trail Closures
Youth Camp Trail Closed. On weekdays between April 11 and June 1, weather permitting, workers will be at San Bruno Mountain treating invasive weed species.
Pescadero Creek Park Trail Closures
The area south and west of the park, which was burned by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, remains closed. Other trails remain closed due to storm damage.
Crystal Springs Regional Trail Closures
The northern portion of the Sawyer Camp segment will be closed through October 2024. Other upcoming closures for tree work and mowing.
Huddart Park Closures
Some trails remain closed due to damage from winter storms. Toyon Campground are closed and without water. Werder Playground is closed for construction.
Mirada Surf East Closed
Mirada Surf East is currently closed while air curtain burners are in use to dispose of logs and debris from Quarry Park.
Quarry Park Trail Closures
We are treating up to 100 acres of dense fire fuels in Quarry Park. Some trail closures will occur, Monday through Friday.
A New Tool to Reduce Fire Fuel in Quarry Park, Mirada Surf East
On May 1, San Mateo County Parks will be using an air curtain burner to reduce fire fuel in Quarry Park/Mirada Surf East and lessen wildfire risk in the area.
Flood Park Closes April 8 as Park Renovation Begins
Beginning Monday, April 8, Flood County Park will be closed as demolition begins prior to construction of the first phase of the Realize Flood Park project.
Junipero Serra Park Closures
See trail and area closures including Big Slides in the Meadow View playground.
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Beach Access Blocked Off for Pupping Season
It’s crucial that you stay out of areas marked by cones and give the moms and pups the space they need to feel safe.
Expect Quarry Park Pump Track Closure During Wet Weather
The pump track is open, but will close during rain and until the track surface thoroughly dries out.
Memorial Park Trail Closures
Use Caution on Beaches and Bluffs
Wet weather can cause bluffs to become unstable. Visitors should remain clear of the bluff edge and should not walk on the beach directly below bluffs.
Memorial Campsite Reservations for July 10-13 Temporarily on Hold
Campsite reservations at Memorial County Park for July 10–13 are on hold until the Department finalizes its centennial celebration plans in the upcoming weeks.
Huddart Park Forest Health Work Update
Crews have returned to Huddart Park to follow up on forest health work performed last November and December near the park entrance. Trails slated for closure include Redwood Nature Trail, and Bay Tree Trail.
Parking Lot Safety
Park staff patrol parking lots, but taking your own precautions against theft is always advised. Familiarize yourself with precautions you can take to protect your valuables and vehicle.
Be Aware Of Illegal Trails
The Department has observed and received reports of numerous trails in Quarry Park that have been built without permission and therefore are not according to Department trail standards. In addition, signage made to appear as formal Department signs have been nailed to trees.
Avoid Ticks
Ticks are parasitic arachnids that wait in vegetation or on rocks or logs for an animal or human to brush up against them. Once contact is made the tick will attach to its host by anchoring into the skin using hook-like mouthparts. Ticks may carry diseases transmittable to humans such as Lyme Disease and should be avoided.
Health Warnings for County Recreational Waters
Prepare for your park visit by knowing about bacteria warnings in county recreational waters, provided San Mateo County Environmental Health.
Edgewood Park Safety and Parking Tips
Make your trip to Edgewood Park safe and enjoyable by being cautious of fast-moving cars on Edgewood Road and avoiding parking difficulties.
Quarry Park Overlook Closed
The overlook above Quarry Park's quarry face is remains closed until further notice due to exposed footings.