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The Madrone Trail can be used to form a 2.6-mile loop in lower Wunderlich Park. It can be accessed from the Bear Gulch Trail or Meadow Trail. The Madrone Trail from the Meadow Trail junction to the Bear Gulch Trail junction is 0.6 miles. The final 0.3 miles, going north from the Bear Gulch Trail junction exits Wunderlich Park and comes out on Bear Gulch Road. Bear Gulch Road is not recommended for pedestrians/equestrians, due to it’s being a narrow, windy road with vehicular traffic. There is a bench at Salamander Flat, which happens to be the halfway point of the lower park’s loop. Take Bear Gulch Trail up past the Loop Trail to the Madrone Trail and turn left; take Madrone past Salamander Flat and Redwood Trail junction, continuing straight; turn left on the Meadow Trail, left on the Alambique Trail and stay to your right, which will keep you on the Alambique Trail and deliver you to the parking lot for a 2.6-mile loop.

Trail Information
Park: Wunderlich Park

Open to: Equestrian, Hiking




0.90 miles



Elevation Change: 

344 ft.

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