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San Mateo County Parks Foundation
Half circle logo that reads San Mateo County Parks Foundation and has some waves, grass and trees

The San Mateo County Parks & Recreation Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1998 to provide financial support for the recreational, environmental and educational programs and projects of San Mateo County Parks. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors committed to supporting the county parks. For more information on the Foundation or how to make a donation please visit the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Foundation Web Site.

Mini-Parks Groups

Converting a small, unused lot to a community park presents a great opportunity to bring healthy and active outdoor space to urban communities that may not have easy access to parks otherwise. 


Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network


Circular logo in the shape of two leaves, one has two people in it and on right of the logo there is text that read Healthy parks Healthy people bay area