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Please note: The trails section of the Pescadero Creek Park web site is currently being updated to reflect changes made to the park trail system. Some of the maps and information below may be incorrect. See our current map or brochure for better information.

Much of this fire road follows the route of a narrow gauge railroad line that hauled logs to the various mills that once flourished in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Even today you can find rusty chocker cables used to skid and lift logs on to flatcars. This road provides a multiuse route (hikers bicycles and equestrians), from Memorial Park to Portola State Park. Many of the trails within the Pescadero Creek Park intersect with the Old Haul Road. Recreational users should remain aware that this is the main access road for maintenance crews and should expect to meet the occasional heavy truck and tractors along the way.

Trail Information
Park: Pescadero Creek Park

Open to: Bicycling, Equestrian, Hiking




5.70 miles



Elevation Change: 

369 ft.