Parks Department team members

The San Mateo County Department of Parks is here to provide you with recreational opportunities in a safe and effective manner, and to protect and enhance the natural resources of the County.

We operate 24 separate parks, encompassing over 16,000 acres, and 190 miles of county and local trails, including three regional trails. Parks are located throughout the County and represent a wide variety of natural settings including a coastside marine reserve, a bayside recreational area, coastal mountain woodland areas, and urban sites.

  • Parks Strategic Plan 2013

    In 2008, County Parks undertook an in-depth strategic planning process to determine how the parks system can best serve the community. Now, nearly five years later, we engaged the community once again to reaffirm our vision and ensure that it has remained relevant as well as to identify priorities for County Parks as we look forward another five years to 2018.

    This strategic plan projects how County Parks will respond to the needs of our growing community and identifies programmatic and facility improvements required to achieve our vision.