1. On weekends and holidays, at least one member of your group must be at your reserved picnic site no later than 11:00 A.M. on the day of your picnic.
  2. You are responsible for complying with park rules on the enclosed park map.
  3. Your cooperation is requested in insuring that you and others in surroundings picnic sites enjoy themselves. Park rangers will monitor noise from sound devices and musical instruments. No amplified music.
  4. No signs are to be put in the park indicating the location of your picnic. The rangers in the gatehouse have a list of all reservations in individual areas and they will direct all guests to your area.
  5. Staples, tacks or nails are not to be used to put up decorations of any kind. Masking tape may be used on the tables.
  6. Portable BBQ/hibachis are not to be used in the park without prior written permission by the supervising ranger. Permanent BBQ pits are supplied in all picnic areas.
  7. Dogs and other pets are not permitted in most of San Mateo County Parks. However, there are select trails that allow for dogs on leash. See a listing of dog-friendly trails.
  8. Leave the area(s) clean. A maintenance charge may be assessed if you leave the area dirty or damaged. Check with a ranger to assure your area is clean when leaving.
  9. Garbage containers are to be left where they have been placed by the park staff. Additional containers may be added to your area upon request/need.
  10. Recycling stations are provided in many park areas. Please help the environment by using them to recycle.
  11. No hard liquor; beer and wine are okay.
  12. Smoking is prohibited within any area of county owned, operated or maintained beaches, parks and trails. This includes public parking areas, and inside vehicles, boats and tents. For additional information see our Smoking Ordinance FAQs.
  13. The use or possession of fireworks of any kind is prohibited in San Mateo County Parks, San Francisco Water Department and San Francisco State Fish and Game Refuge.
  14. In case of rain, contact the Park Ranger the day of your event to see if it is a rainout. If no contact is made, you will be considered a no-show.
  15. In order to protect geological and potential archeological features within the parks, metal detectors and digging are prohibited.
  16. Collection or removal of any natural (dead or living) or historical features within San Mateo County Parks is prohibited. If you wish to collect as part of a scientific study, see our Scientifc Permit page.
  17. The operation of drones or other self-propelled model vehicles (remote control airplanes, automobiles, boats, etc.) is prohibited in San Mateo County Parks.