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The Loop Trail also serves as the park’s lower service road. It is a 12’ wide dirt road that goes in and out of trees before reaching the junction with Alambique Trail. The Loop Trail ends there but the Alambique Trail continues up, with the Meadow junction just another tenth of a mile uphill. The Loop Trail is good for groups who would rather be shoulder to shoulder than lined up on the narrower Alambique Trail. Both the Loop and lower Alambique Trails get you to the same point, but the Alambique is a ¼ mile shorter and just a bit steeper. The Loop and Alambique Trail can be used together as a 1 ¾ mile loop.

The Loop Trail can be accessed using the Bear Gulch Trail on the south side of the Folger Stable. Hike the Bear Gulch Trail 0.2 miles up and turn left on the Loop Trail. It can also be accessed on the south side of the Folger Stable, where it starts behind the “Caretaker’s Cottage” – walk between the Stable and Carriage House then veer left up the driveway, which is actually the beginning of the Loop Trail.

Trail Information
Park: Wunderlich Park

Open to: Equestrian, Hiking




1.10 miles



Elevation Change: 

318 ft.

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