Memorial Park, an away-from-it-all destination with dense stands of evergreen trees, mountain trails and streams, is a popular camping spot for groups and families.

Magic Mountain Picnic Area

Most parks have drop-in and reservable picnic sites.

Youth Camp
Youth Camp

Several parks are equipped with areas that cater youth groups such as scouts, schools and summer youth programs.

Ocean & Bay
Enjoy the Ocean and Bay
Hike, Run, or Stroll
Crystal Springs Trail
Biking Crystal Springs Trail
  • Crystal Springs Regional Trail has popular paved bicycling trails. Try Sawyer Camp or San Andreas segments for beautiful views of the San Francisco Watershed.
  • The San Francisco Bay Trail is a work in progress that when complete will circle the entire Bay. Try the scenic segment at Coyote Point Recreation Area.
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Jack Brook Horse Camp Area1 Photo
  • The facilities at Jack Brook Horse Camp in Sam McDonald Park provide a base for equestrians as they explore the extensive network of trails and rural roads spread across the Pescadero Creek, Memorial and Sam McDonald Parks.
  • The historical (and recently beautifully restored) Folger Stable at Wunderlich Park is a public horse boarding facility, one of the few left on the Peninsula.
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Volunteering is a great way to experience the outdoor treasures of our county parks and get involved with the community. Visit our volunteers page for info on upcoming events and how to sign up.

And Much More . . .

For Kids
Coyote Point Recreation Area is a kingdom of fun for kids. The popular Magic Mountain Playground features a castle play structure with slides and swings and two giant talking purple dragons. CuriOdyssey, a science center located in the park, holds exhibits and animals that connect children to science and the natural world.

Education and Local Interest
Historical Sites such as Sánchez Adobe and the Woodside Store offer interpretive programs that provide interesting insights into the history of the area. Interpretive programs at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve explore the ecological systems of the inter-tidal reef, beach, uplands and marsh/wetlands complex. The Bill and Jean Lane Education Center at Edgewood Park features interactive exhibits, a native garden and other resources for exploring Edgewood's unique flora. See all educational programs.

Flood Park is a neighborhood-style park with a running path, a baseball diamond, sand volleyball courts, and horseshoe courts.