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The Redwood Trail, as the name implies, goes threw a mixed forest dominated by redwoods. It can be used to add .6mi to the loop described in the “Madrone Trail” section above for a 3.2-mile loop. It can be accessed from below at its junctions with Madrone Trail (at “Salamander Flat”) or the Meadow Trail. The uphill end of the Redwood Trail is at “Redwood Flat” (the junction of the Redwood and Bear Gulch Trails). There are benches at both “Redwood Flat” and “Salamander Flat”.

To use the Redwood Trail as part of a 3.2-mile loop: take Bear Gulch Trail up past the Loop and Madrone Trails; stay on Bear Gulch Trail until you reach “Redwood Flat”; take the Redwood Trail down to the “Salamander Flat” and continue on Redwood Trail to the right; turn left on the Meadow Trail, left on the Alambique Trail and stay to your right, which will keep you on the Alambique Trail and deliver you to the parking lot for a 3.2-mile loop.

Trail Information
Park: Wunderlich Park

Open to: Equestrian, Hiking




0.70 miles



Elevation Change: 

819 ft.

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