Rana Naser is currently a Classification and Compensation Analyst with the Human Resources Department. She previously worked as a Program Services Manager for the County’s Department of Public Works, managing the Job Ordering Contracting Program for the delivery of various maintenance and construction projects for the improvement of County facilities and infrastructure.

Along with 13 years of public sector experience, she also has 10 years of private sector experience, including as a Business Manager for a specialty foundation contractor.

She’s passionate about coaching because she believes it can be an instrumental resource for developing, empowering and optimizing the effectiveness of new managers, not only for their own success, but the success of their staff and the County as a whole. Along with her certification as an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach from the College of Executive Coaching, Rana also has a Master’s in Industrial & Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Coaching and Consulting from Touro University Worldwide, and a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science from San Jose State University. Rana enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and trying new things!



Classification & Compensation

Rana Naser
Rana Naser
Classification & Compensation Analyst