Welcome to San Mateo County and congratulations on your new position!

You will have a lot to accomplish in your initial weeks and months in your new position, so you may wish to review the information prior to your arrival.

Review County and Department Information on the Website

You may wish to review information about the county and your department on the county website, www.smcgov.org or on your departments’ site. This may assist you in thinking about what initial information will help you feel comfortable and begin contributing in your new position.

Confirm Start Date Details

You may wish to ask questions of your hiring supervisor or manager, or the human resources person with whom you've been in contact before you arrive so that you have the clearest picture of what to expect. Questions you may want to inquire on include:

  • Who should I contact if I have questions before I start?
    • What office location do I report to? Is there a place I should check in to begin my day?
  • What time should I be at work my first day?
  • If commuting by car:
    • Where do I park my first day?
    • Is a parking permit required? If so, how do I get a parking permit prior to my first day?
  • If commuting by rail or bus:
    • What bus stop or train station is the closet to my new location?
  • If commuting by bicycle: where is the bicycle rack closest to the building?
  • What is the preferred attire/dress code in the group/department?
  • What is the accepted practice for decorating my work space; e.g., can I bring photos from home or other personal items?
  • Will I have a schedule for my first days, such as for meetings or required training?

Complete Pre-Employment Requirements

Before your first day, it is important that you complete the necessary pre-employment requirements. For example, depending on your position you may be asked to complete fingerprints and a background check and/or a physical before you can begin to work.

Gather all Employment Verification Information

It is also important that you gather all required hire documentation to bring with you on your first day.

Review County Benefits

The County of San Mateo offers a competitive benefits package for its employees and their eligible dependents. Deciding on the appropriate benefit packages is an important process. Before you start your new position, take the time to review information and use the comparison tools on the County of San Mateo Benefits website because enrollment must be completed within 14 days of hire.   

In addition to selecting your traditional benefit packages, you may wish to check out the comprehensive Benefit Programs the County offers by visiting the County Benefits page or click on the respective benefit hyperlink below. On this page you can:

  1. Learn about commute options on the Commute Alternatives so you can begin to plan for transportation options to and from work.
  2. Explore the vast array of Employee Wellness Programs
  3. View the Employee Assistance Program

To Do:

  • Review county and department information on the website
  • Confirm start date details
  • Complete pre-employment appointments (if applicable)
  • Gather all employment verification information and bring on day one
  • Review Employee Benefits

Review the New Employee Checklist for all tasks