The Human Resources Department implemented the employee Performance & Development Program as a pilot in 2017 with several departments which eliminated formal annual performance reviews and replaced them with regular, focused 1:1 check-ins and pulse surveys to create a data rich, high performance culture focused on growth and development.

The program demonstrated that through regular 1:1 check-ins and pulse surveys there were improvements in employee-supervisor relationships. positive employee development, and improved performance. In addition, the program reduced the complexity and cost of administrative evaluation processes. The pulse surveys continue to provide information on program effectiveness and adjustments, and are adjusted as needed.

Many of the current processes/practices including setting expectations, performance improvement process, annual 20-hour training requirement, goal-setting, supervisory training, and feedback and coaching will continue.

There are also program liaisons, a supervisor or manager representative from a participating  departments/division that participate regularly in a workgroup that reviews the data from the latest pulse survey, discusses best practices, and identifies opportunities to improve the program have been instrumental in helping guide the Pilot over the past three years.

ELA participant Carine Risley conducted the research, developed and presented the proposal to Executive Council in May, 2017, which received an enthusiastic reception and approval for funding.