The Performance & Development Program (PDP) has four central components which are grounded in the latest research on high-performing organizations and individuals.

  1. Regular 1:1 Check-In's:  1:1 meetings are a key component of the continuous coaching model. This time allows participants to give/receive feedback, discuss projects, goals, and receive support. We recommend 1:1 conversations take place at least every 2 weeks.

  2. Continuous Goal Setting: Set a mix of performance (job oriented) and developmental (learning oriented) goals with your supervisor. Goals do not need to follow a specific format (unless required by department), but when reasonable, should include metrics and dates. Discussions of longer-term individual performance and development goals which should happen at least every six months.

  3. Expectations: All Program participants are sent regular, anonymous, one question surveys to capture feedback and identify areas for teams to improve; participants are expected to complete the surveys. Participants should also have a clear understanding of their position expectations within their department.

  4. Recognition: Celebrate others how you would like to be celebrated. Through the PDP platform, participants can send and receive recognition. Whether it is leading a team to meet a deadline, helping when someone is out sick, or just sharing snacks; Program participants are encouraged to celebrate all the things people do to make the County a great place to work.

The Performance & Development Program started as a pilot initiative in September 2017. At the conclusion of a three year pilot program, the pilot was evaluated and a recommendation was presented to the County Board of Supervisors who unanimously supported expansion as a countywide program.