Whether it’s your six month anniversary or your one year; this is an important time to evaluate and reflect on your contributions and where you go from here.

Evaluate and Reflect

You may receive evaluations at the three month mark, and again every three months until the end of your probationary period. After you receive your Probationary Evaluations, San Mateo County promotes employees being evaluated on an annual basis.

Probationary and Annual Evaluations are an opportunity for collaborative discussions between an employee and his/her supervisor /manager to provide coaching and feedback; reflect on previous performance; set future performance and development goals; establish clear expectations; and, acknowledge contributions and address areas for growth.

As part of the evaluation process you may wish to conduct a Self-Review. The Employee Self Review provides an opportunity to consider:

  • What you have learned and where you did well or have room for growth?
  • What success you have achieved on your Performance and Development Goals
  • Ability to meet expectations and how you can continue to be fully productive, or possibly increase your effectiveness or job satisfaction, and the support, resources, information and tools  you may need?
  • Work responsibilities which you are most excited about, and/or where you want to develop and how you might do that, including what support and/or resources you might need to do so.
  • Suggestions for operations, as well as efficiencies and effectiveness in operations and within the organization
  • And, what your goals are for the next six months/year?

For more information on Self Reviews, visit the Collaborative Performance Management System (CPMS) Resource Site.

Training and Professional Development

In an effort to recruit and retain employees, the County is committed to professional development.  When employees have opportunities to develop themselves they have higher levels of engagement.

Use milestone periods, like the end of the first six months or year to discuss professional/career development with supervisor/manager.

You can use the Learning Management System to explore County and departmental training opportunities to enhance technical and soft skills and/or visit the County website to view educational and tuition reimbursement opportunities.

Personal Development

Development isn’t always linked to learning a new skill related to your job, You may want to focus on developing yourself, which in turn may make you more effective in your job. Take some time to explore the  Employee Wellness programs to to learn about personal health and well-being opportunities, or view the Employee Assistance Program courses, information and services

At any point in time during your employment, you may experience changes in your personal or work life that affect your benefits. When a "life event" takes place, you may be able to make mid-year changes to some or all of your benefit elections. Review qualifying life events and what they mean to you on the Benefits website.

To Do:

  • Reflect
  • Training/Professional Development
  • Personal Development

Review the New Employee Checklist for all tasks