Employees who are leaving County of San Mateo for reason other than retirement should be aware of how their departure affects their benefits.   

Medical, Dental, Vision and EAP Coverage

Medical, Dental and Vision coverage ends on the last day of the month of the employment termination date. Employees become eligible for COBRA coverage on the first day of the following month. See COBRA Information for more information.

Within a few weeks of the termination date, a departing employee should receive a COBRA package from Benefits Coordinators Corporation-BCC (our external COBRA administrator), mailed to the home address that was listed in Workday. The COBRA packet will include instructions to return the completed packet and payment within 60 days of receipt.

If employees do not receive their COBRA packet with 30 days from your termination date, please contact BCC at 1-800-685-6100

Flexible Spending Accounts

For employees enrolled with a Flexible Spending Account (healthcare or dependent care), the coverage ends on their date of termination. Only claims for services incurred prior to the date of termination are eligible for reimbursement. Employees have 90 days from the date of termination to submit claims.

For any questions about your FSA, contact BCC at 800-685-6100

Health Spending Accounts

Any money in your Health Savings Account remains available to you for eligible expenses after you leave employment, and your HSA debit card remains active.

For any questions about your HSA, contact BCC at 800-685-6100.

Life and Accidental Death Insurance

Life Insurance and Accidental Death coverage ends on the date of termination. Employees may be eligible to convert County of San Mateo’s Life Insurance to an individual policy. For more information, please contact The Standard at 1-800-628-8600 or www.standard.com

Retirement Accounts

Employees enrolled in a SamCERA pension plan should contact SamCERA directly at samcera@samcera.org or 650-599-1234. 

Employees enrolled in a Deferred Compensation plan with Empower should contact our Empower representative Dillon Broderick at 650-245-7202 or email at dillon.broderick@empower.com or contact Empower directly at 800-743-5274.