Accident Insurance can pay a set benefit amount based on the type of injury you have and the type of treatment you need. It covers accidents that occur off the job. And it includes a range of incidents, from common injuries to more serious events.  This coverage can help you with out-of-pocket costs that your medical plan doesn’t cover, like co-pays and deductibles.

For example, if you experience a covered accident and have any of the following treatments or services, eligible benefits would be paid as follows:

  • Ambulance - $200
  • Emergency room treatment - $100
  • Surgical repair of knee cartilage - $500
  • Medical Imaging testing - $100
  • Outpatient surgery facility service - $150

This plan also provides a one-time $50 benefit once per year if you have one of 26 covered wellness tests per covered individual (such as employee and spouse or domestic partner). Examples of covered wellness tests include:  Colonoscopy, mammography, pap smear, serum cholesterol test and skin cancer biopsy.

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Question About Voluntary Benefits?

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