(Once again) Welcome to San Mateo County and congratulations on your new position!  We are glad you made the choice to join San Mateo County. We hope that you will enjoy your experience working with us.

This section outlines things which may occur during the first day(s) and week(s) of employment.

For most employees, the focus of your first day(s) and week(s) is primarily to introduce you to the people, processes, and systems you will interact with, as well as the physical environment and organizational structure in which you will work.

In addition to taking care of logistics (securing your employee ID and bage), keys, and other items; you will partner with your supervisor/manager to identify your initial assignments, the purpose of your work in general and how it fits into your unit, division, and department mission and goals, and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

Overview of the First Day

Every supervisor and manager orients their staff differently but all are encouraged to include the following elements in your first day(s) and week(s) on the job:

  • Welcome
    • Meet your new co-workers and the other people in groups or departments you'll be interacting with on a regular basis. If you're hiring into a managerial position, hold meetings with all of your staff to gain a sense of current priorities, projects, and issues.
  • Orient to the Organization
    • Set up your work space with supplies or equipment you'll need.
    • Review the organization chart to familiarize yourself with the work structure in which you'll be working.
    • Meet your “Buddy” (if applicable)
  • Understand your role and the goals
    • Clarify initial assignments or projects, expectations, performance factors, as well as the organization's mission, vision, values, and goals and how they related to your performance and development goals
    • Discuss your On-Boarding Plan, including upcoming training, and the immediate requirements for employment.

In your first week, you will work with your supervisor/manager to ensure that you have tended to the important logistical matters, such as obtaining your Employee ID and badge, ordering any necessary supplies, and find out about how to do essential tasks such as evacuate in the event of an emergency, notify others of an absence or late arrival, etc.

Payroll and Benefit Information

On your first day or within your first week, you will meet with a Payroll Specialist within your organization. The Payroll Specialist will inform you of the information needed, within the respective timeframes, in order to ensure you get paid and have elected all the necessary benefit options.

Initial Training

While there is a significant amount of training that a new employee can be assigned during their first year with the County, there are a few training activities which need to be completed within the first week. First week training will include, at minimum:

Additional required training for new  employees varies greatly, and is primarily based on position and department. Your supervisor/manager will discuss the additional training requirements for your position, and their associated time frames for completion, with you in your first day(s) or week(s).

To Do: 
  • Complete New Hire Forms and Benefit Selection*
  • Overview Technology
  • Clarify roles, resources, responsibilities and relationships
  • Understand your work and its relationship to those around you
  • Explore the ways you can connect with colleagues

Review the New Employee Checklist for all tasks

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