Purpose: To request the Board of Supervisors to certify that the extra-help or contract employment of a general member retiree or safety member retiree providing non-safety-related services is necessary to fill a critically needed position less than 180 days from the date of the retiree’s retirement.

  1. The hiring manager must:
    1. Complete Sections I, II & III of this form;
    2. Attach the completed SamCERA form, “Certification of Compliance for Post-Retirement Employment;” and
    3. Submit both forms to the Department Head.
  2. If the Department Head gives approval in Section IV, forward form to the County Manager or Human Resources Director, as applicable.
  3. If the County Manager or Human Resources Director gives approval in Section V, proceed with requesting approval from the Board of Supervisors.

Note - EVEN IF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS APPROVES THE REQUEST, the break in service may only be reduced to 90-days if:

  • the General member retired younger than age 60; or
  • the Safety/Probation member retired younger than age 53.  For Safety/Probation members, 90 days is mandatory.  But unlike General members, anything over 90 days does not require a Board Resolution.