Policy & Procedures for Participating in Online Training Programs
(Approved by Executive Council, January 26, 2009)

Policy Statement:

San Mateo County encourages and supports employees to participate in online training programs in order to promote employee development, partnership, and organizational enrichment.


The County initiated online training programs with the mandated AB1825 training on Preventing Sexual Harassment in 2005. Due to the success of that program, the County has expanded its online offerings in conjunction with the implementation of the County’s Learning Management System in 2007. A variety of programs is offered in the online format, including

  • Introduction to Employee Development Plans
  • ATKS

Since it is the County’s intention to expand the availability of online training, a policy and procedure guide was recommended.

  1. Registration:
    1. As with classroom training, registration for online training will be done via the Learning Management System (LMS). This system requires supervisory approval.
  2. Participant’s Responsibilities:
    1. Fully engage in the learning process. 
    2. Apply the knowledge/skill acquired through online training to current and planned job responsibilities.
    3. Maintain the privacy of the training content.
    4. Work with manager to develop a training schedule that minimizes interruptions during the course.
    5. Complete all training during regularly scheduled hours, unless supervisor/manager gives specific prior approval to work paid overtime for training purposes.
    6. Meet with manager after the completion of the course to review the course objectives and discuss ways to apply knowledge/skill to current job and provide feedback for course/curriculum improvement.
  3. Manager’s Responsibilities:
    1. Review and approve training requests.
    2. Assist the participant with a schedule that fits his/her workday and meets the needs of the organization.
    3. Support the learning experience by providing constructive feedback before and after the training session.
    4. Find opportunities for participant to use new knowledge or skills.
  4. Cancellation: For courses for which there is a fee, the department will be charged a cancellation fee for non-completion or no show.