Wednesday, Jun 05, 2019
  • Home Share by Hip Housing 

    What is Home Sharing?

    Our Home Sharing program helps match individuals seeking housing with people who have a room to rent.

    Benefits can include:
    • Money saved
    • Reduced financial stress
    • Shared utility costs
    • Increased security
    • One-on-One interviews
    • Shared living together agreement
    • Background checks
    Home Sharing works because it’s:
    • A practical solution to our housing challenges
    • Helpful to people to find or remain in homes
    • An efficient use of existing housing
    • Keeping San Mateo County residents and workers local

    Take a moment to see an informational video:

    Check out the testimonial video:


    Home Sharing Makes a Difference in Our Community!

    Have more questions regarding the Home Sharing Program?

    Please contact Laura Moya, Home Sharing Coordinator, OR 650-348-6660 ext. 326


    Employee Down Payment Assistance Program

    The Employee Down Payment Assistance Program is an employee benefit open to all regular County and Housing Authority employees who do not currently own a home in San Mateo County. Eligibility includes full-time, permanent employment with the County or Housing Authority for at least 18 months, regardless of income.

    The program is designed to encourage employees to live within the County, decreasing the environmental impact and the physical/emotional effects of a long commute.

    The program offers a $100,000 down payment assistance loan towards the purchase of a home in San Mateo County. The loan is deferred for the first, five years, amortized for 30 years at three percent interest. The County also offers a $5,000 grant, to awardees, for those moving to San Mateo County from outside the County, to help cover closing costs.

    For more information, please visit the Department of Housing website.


    Claremont EAP Apartment Locator and Moving/Relocation Services 

    To help you make time for what matters most, you and your family have access to the work‐life resources such as Apartment Locator and Moving/Relocation Services.

    To get started, call toll‐free 800‐834‐3773 or log on to