Log into Workday Today to Opt to Receive Your 1095 Tax Document Electronically!

Visit the intranet for instructions on how to receive your 1095 electronically or view your electronic 1095. Visit the IRS website for 1095B and 1095C instructions.

We encourage everyone to opt-in electronically. 

If you do not opt to receive your 1095 forms electronically, by February 1, 2023, you may receive two important tax forms via US Postal Mail:

  1. Form 1095-B from Blue Shield of California or Kaiser Permanente if you were covered under your County’s health plan in 2022.

  2. Form 1095-C from the Benefits Division if you were a benefits eligible employee at any time during 2022.

You should still file your individual tax return by the April 15 tax filing deadline, even if you do not receive a 1095. You do not need to submit these forms with your taxes and can prepare taxes without them if you know the months of the year that you (and your dependents) had coverage. It is important that you save these two forms, as you may need them as supporting documentation for information you put on your tax return.

Further email notification will be sent by the Benefits Division when the Form 1095-C  has been mailed out.