Financial Counseling with BALANCE

We are pleased to announce that the County of San Mateo in partnership with the San Mateo County Credit Union is providing you access to FREE financial counseling with industry leader BALANCE.

  • BALANCE is a non-profit agency,  with a commitment to promoting financial wellness, that started back in 1969 under the former name: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco (CCCSSF).
  • BALANCE has over 50 financial counselors on staff that have gone through extensive training and certification in financial counseling.

YOU get to choose the counseling session(s) that best meet your needs.

To speak with a FREE counselor: call toll-free 888-456-2227 or complete the enrollment form.

NOTE: Let the counselor know you are a County of San Mateo Employee  using the San Mateo County Credit Union counseling program.

What services will BALANCE help you with?

Credit Report Review

We review credit reports, answer questions about credit scoring, help you build a strong credit history, and assist you with correcting any inaccuracies that appear on your report.

Debt Counseling

Our counselors work with you to create a comprehensive plan to get out of debt. We will work with you on communications with your creditors, if a consolidation loan would be right for you or a Debt Management Plan and find your best solution. To design the most effective plan for becoming debt free, your counselor will need to know your monthly income and living expenses as well as how much you owe to each of your creditors.

Budget Counseling

Our counselors review current spending patterns and create a spending plan which allows you to take charge of your financial situation by creating financial goals and developing an action plan for overcoming challenges that threaten your future growth.

Housing: Foreclosure Prevention/Default Counseling

At risk of falling behind on your mortgage payments or are already delinquent? A HUD-certified Housing counselor will work with you and your mortgage servicer to identify which options are available to you.

Housing: Pre-Purchase Counseling

A neutral, non-biased, HUD-certified Housing counselor will help you navigate the roadmap to homeownership. A housing counselor will help you:

  • Understand how much buying power you have
  • Create a successful and sustainable spending plan
  • Identify any potential down payment assistance programs
  • Explain the different types of mortgage loans, how to pick the right realtor, and the importance of a home inspection
  • Prepare you for closing

For more information about the free counseling services, including a Q&A visit the BALANCE website.

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