How do I sign in to LMS?

Access LMS via Okta on a computer connected to the internet. 

  1. Via Okta, use your PC / Active Directory login. Once logged in, select the LMS tile.
  2. Your personalized Home page will appear when you log in. You can return to your personalized Home page at any time by clicking on the Home tab near the top of the page.
I cannot find the LMS tiles on my Okta dashboard.

Contact your department's LMS Administrator for assistance.

I forgot my password.

If you are logging in via Okta, your password is the same password you use to log into your PC. If you are still having issues contact your LMS Administrator.

What if I can't log in to LMS?

If you are having trouble finding or accessing LMS, view the LMS User Guides for Step-by-Step LMS Usage Instructions or contact your department's LMS Administrator.

LMS User Guide

  • Accessing LMS (Page 4)
  • Requesting Training (Page 7)
  • Adding External Training (Page 10)
  • Manager - Approving Training Requests (Page 11)
  • Manager Delegation Guide (Page 13)

For any additional help you may need regarding LMS, contact your department's LMS Administrator.

I’ve requested a class in LMS, now what?

An approval request e-mail has been sent to your supervisor. You are not enrolled in the course until your supervisor takes action on the request.

How do I find out if I am enrolled for a class?

Log into LMS and view your transcript by clicking on the Learning tab and clicking on "View Your Transcript." Once there, view the “Status” column where you can view the status of your enrollment request.

If it shows “Registered,” you are officially enrolled in the class.

If it says “Pending Approval,” your supervisor has yet to approve/deny your request for a career-related class. You are not enrolled until your supervisor approves your enrollment.

If you have questions regarding transcript status, contact your LMS Administrator.

I am a supervisor. How do I approve/deny a training request?

Click on the approval link sent to you via email for the training in question.

Who can I call for help? Who is my LMS Administrator?

You may view a full listing of all County LMS Administrator here.

How do I withdraw from a class?

Log into LMS and under the Learning tab, click on "View Your Transcript". Locate the training in question, then click on “Withdraw” (located on the right-hand side of the screen, under the "Options" column.)

I am not a full-time, regular County employee; I am a contractor/part-time/extra help employee. Can I still register for classes?

Since only County employees have access to the LMS, you will need to discuss that possibility with your supervisor. If your supervisor approves your request, call your department's LMS Administrator who can enroll you in the course. Note: Your division will be charged for the course.

A course I have taken previously is no longer in LMS. What happened?

The course is either no longer offered or has already taken place. Look for offerings of the course next semester. To be automatically notified when the next session becomes available, add your name to the course's interest list. You can do this by clicking on the course title in LMS and then clicking on the "Notify me when sessions are scheduled" link at the bottom of the event window. An automated email will be sent to you as soon as a new session is scheduled.

I didn’t sign up for a class, so why does LMS say I’m enrolled for it?

Either a supervisor or an LMS Administrator assigned the training to you.

I took an external training – is there a way I can add that to my LMS transcript?


Yes. Under the Learning tab, click on "View Your Transcript." Once there, click on "Add External Training." Complete the pop-up window completely and then click on "Submit."

For detailed, step-by-step instructions on this process, please view the External Training LMS User Guide.

My transcript information is incorrect and/or inaccurate. Who can help me correct my transcript?

Only an LMS Administrator can edit transcript status.

Contact your department's LMS Administrator and explain what information is inaccurate and he/she will help you correct your transcript.

For any other LMS questions, contact your department's LMS Administrator.