A Program Just for Supervisors!

If you supervise others, this program is for you!

A clear message in the 2011 and 2012 Employee Engagement surveys was the importance of supervisors in creating an engaging and high performing workplace. To support this role, in 2013 the County created the Essential Supervisory Skills Program (ESS) with the goal to have all supervisors in the County trained in the four areas outlined below.

The Essential Supervisory Skills Program (ESS) will help you develop the skills and knowledge to improve working relationships, performance, job satisfaction, and engagement for you and your employees. The core curriculum includes 16 hours of interactive workshop training on how to:

  • Provide coaching support to maximize learning and development
  • Set goals that connect employees to the organization’s purpose and achieve high levels of performance and job fulfillment
  • Give effective feedback to recognize accomplishments and keep performance on track
  • Conduct performance evaluations that summarize the past year and motivate future success

ESS workshops are available for County supervisors and managers in LMS.

All managers/supervisors should plan to complete the ESS program within 12 months of hire or promotion.