How to Use the Employee Relations Handbook

This Handbook is to be used as an aid and guide. It is not, however, a replacement for the advice and guidance available from Employee & Labor Relations.

Each section covers an area of inquiry with a brief introduction, then answers the questions most frequently asked of Employee & Labor Relations by supervisors and managers. Links provided throughout will take you to sample letters and other documents, such as County policies.

Our purpose is to make the handbook as complete as possible, so please call Employee & Labor Relations if there is an issue you would like addressed in this Handbook, and we may incorporate it in a future update.

The purpose of the handbook is:

  • To provide a basis for training all supervisors and managers in the basics of Employee & Labor Relations
  • To provide uniform Employee & Labor Relations references, examples, and procedures and,
  • To provide an easy-to-use reference to serve as a first point of information whenever a supervisor or manager is faced with an Employee Relations or Labor Relations issue.

The handbook was designed to provide the user with a maximum amount of information in an easy to use format. Each major topic (e.g., "probationary employees," "leaves of absence," “Skelly Process,” etc.) is discussed first in an introductory paragraph, followed by answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding that topic.

This handbook is a source of information, but it should not solely be relied upon. Each Employee & Labor Relations issue you face will have unique circumstances. You are encouraged to discuss such issues with your manager and your Employee & Labor Relations representative.

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