These guidelines are developed for the purpose of providing assistance to employees, applicants for employment or services, supervisors/managers and the respondents to help successfully resolve problems when involved in a discriminatory issue. Any party may contact the County's Equal Employment Opportunity Manager for assistance and/or advice.

A. Employees

Employees seeking resolution of any alleged act of discrimination or harassment should:

  • Act immediately after determining that a problem does exist.
  • Consider resolving the issue at the lowest level possible.
  • Choose a procedure with which he/she is comfortable and that he/she understands.
  • Provide documentation and names of witnesses.
  • Clearly state the alleged act in question and the remedy sought.
  • Express any concerns about confidentiality and possible retaliation.

B. Supervisors or Managers

When an employee chooses to approach the supervisor with a concern of discrimination or harassment, the supervisor should:

  • Listen objectively to the concerns and remedy being sought by an employee. Allow the employee to fully express their concerns and determine what action the employee wants taken. Determine what the issues are (date, time, place, witness, documentation records).
  • Advise the employee of the impact of any confidentiality concerns such as the possibility that a guarantee of total confidentiality may not be possible based on the particulars of the resolution being sought or situation.
  • Assure employees that any retaliation is prohibited.
  • Establish and maintain files that include allegation, investigation conducted, and actions taken.
  • Contact EEO Manager for guidance and advice.
  • Handle all allegations in a confidential manner and share information only on a need to know basis.
  • Determine if a referral to the Employee Assistance program is necessary or if any other referral can be made.
  • Contact all parties who can provide you with assistance in resolving the issue.
  • Managers and supervisors must take proactive measures to prevent or stop all forms of harassing behavior.

C. Applicants for Employment

Any applicant for employment who feels he/she has been discriminated against should contact the Employee and Public Services Department.

D. Applicants for Services

Any applicant for service who feels he/she has been discriminated against shall be provided with appropriate information for pursuing his/her issue with the respective department.

E. Respondents

Once an allegation of discrimination has been filed, the respondent has the right to:

  • Notification of the specific allegation.
  • An investigation that is thorough, objective and timely.
  • Respond to and rebut the actual charges.
  • Provide documents and witnesses to support his/her perspective.
  • Assurance that all information will be handled confidentially on a need-to-know basis.
  • Results of the investigation and to have an opportunity to discuss any proposed action and any action taken should be commensurate with the level of infraction.
  • Be advised that retaliation against individuals who participated in the investigation is strictly prohibited.
  • Be advised of management's obligation to investigate those individuals if management reasonably suspects that those making such allegations did so maliciously and without a basis in truth, and take appropriate corrective action if they prove to have a basis in fact.
  • Be informed that if allegations cannot be substantiated or are proven to be false no record of such allegations shall be retained in any of the employee's personnel files.