Cal-ICMA’s (International City/County Management Association) mission includes valuing training and professional development. In support of that value, they offer a wide range of services to the government community.

Cal-ICMA now has its own YouTube channel dedicated to coaching! Visit this channel to view interviews with local leaders, who discuss their views on what constitutes great leadership in the community. See the attachment below for details.

Another service offered is the opportunity to participate in webinars and telephone panel discussions. For each of the panel discussions, ICMA has identified the topic, date and time, and panel questions. Some organizations are continuing discussions among their own members after the calls.

ICMA encourages you to ask questions for the panel discussions. In advance, or during the panel, you may submit questions via email to The moderator for the sessions, Don Maruska, will pose the emailed questions anonymously to the panelists.

Go to, look under the "Career Network" tab, and click on "Coaching." Look for the "2017 Coaching Webinar Flyer" to learn more about the upcoming webinars..

As with all training programs, supervisor approval is required.