The Human Resources Department only accepts applications for jobs that are currently open.  To find out which jobs are currently open, visit The Jobs website is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is updated every Thursday night.

Job Bulletins contain detailed information about a specific job and are available at the Human Resources Department office or online.  The bulletin tells you:

  1. The exact title of the job
  2. The salary
  3. Who is eligible to apply
  4. The last day to submit an application
  5. The types of duties people perform in the job
  6. The minimum amount of education, experience, and the knowledge and skills required to apply for the job
  7. The types of examinations that will be given
  8. The name of the Human Resources Department employee who is in charge of the recruitment

If the bulletin states that the recruitment is Open Only or Open and Promotional, anyone who meets the minimum qualifications may apply.

If it states that the recruitment is Promotional Only or Departmental Promotional Only, then you must be a current County employee who has completed 6 months of employment to apply.