Application screening is the review and evaluation of applications. It is used to narrow the candidate pool to those candidates whose background and experience appear to best meet the needs of the position. Screening is generally used prior to other selection methods such as a oral examination, performance exam, or assessment center and is usually the first evaluation process used after your application packet is received.

How to Prepare for the Application Screening

  • The only way to prepare for an application screening is by submitting an application packet that is presentable and contains information that represents your knowledge, skills and abilities as it relates to the position. Answer the supplemental questions appropriately. Your application and responses to the questions should represent the kind of candidate you are and make an impression to the application screeners.

During the Application Screening

  • The screening committee is usually comprised of two or three individuals who are considered subject matter experts.

  • Each member of the committee will review application packets of all the candidates and complete a rating form for each. The rating form reflects what the screeners are to consider important in selecting the finalists, i.e., areas identified as being critical to successful performance in the job being recruited for.

After the Application Screening

  • The recruitment analyst will go over the entire list of candidates with the raters asking for recommendations on which candidates are screened-in (invite to the next exam) and who are screened-out (not considered).

  • Human Resources will notify you of the application screening result within a few days. If you are screened-in your notice will usually include information on the date, time and location of your next examination.