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What is an Agile Organization?

The type of organization that is envisioned in the "Agile" concept is a hybrid between the traditional civil service government organization and those found in many parts of the private sector today. It recognizes that governments must be reliable and take the "long view" on public issues and projects. To do so, government needs a significant number of long-term permanent employees doing work that is by its very nature left to government. However, it also recognizes that adaptability and agility requires some types of work to be performed in a different way with workers that have a different relationship to the County.

What steps are being taken to make San Mateo County a more Agile Organization?

The County has created a menu of work delivery options that will increase departmental flexibility by allowing hiring managers to utilize each different work option to meet their department’s specific workload demands. The County is also exploring a dual career ladder model that will enable employees to advance through the organization on a non-supervisory or management track.

Who is an Agile Employee?

We are all Agile employees. The only differences between each employee involve the type of employment (e.g., term, fellow, extra-help, etc.). The aim of the Agile Organization initiative is not to draw distinctions between different employee types, but rather to foster cohesion and efficiency across the organization by including and incorporating each and every type of employee in the County.

What types of employment options does San Mateo County offer?

The Agile Organization work delivery options include regular, term, fellows, extra-help, paid and unpaid interns, contractors, self-help, and shared services. Each of the work delivery options differs in the scope and depth of work required, compensation structure, and length of service with the County.