Thanks for your interest in learning more about the Employee Wellness Program!

A healthy, productive workforce is critical to the success of County Departments in serving the public and their clients.

The San Mateo County Employee Wellness Program is an employee benefit designed to help you be your healthy best. Our goal is to create healthy workspaces and support healthy employees!

As a County employee, retiree or family member, you are encouraged to take an active role in taking good care of your health. One way is to participate in the Employee Wellness + Work-Life trainings, programs and activities offered at your work-site. You can attend many employee wellness +work-life programs on County time at little or no cost to you.

Welcome New Hires!

Welcome to San Mateo County! You have a lot of information to learn as a new employee, so we want to keep things simple.

 Be selfish!  Take care of your health & well-being! Join the County’s “Culture of Health” by finding ways to bring more wellness into your workday.

Get Rewarded! The County offers an exciting Wellness Dividends program for participating in County and Health Plan sponsored wellness activities. To learn more about this year’s program, log into PreventionCloud for more information. 

Get Involved! There are several ways that you can quickly learn more about our program, services and activities:

  • Visit our SharePoint site on the Intranet. Read our monthly e-Newsletter or click on the Calendar to find out more about what we’re doing, when and where.
  • Sign up for a class or browse our training schedule on PreventionCloud. Unless otherwise indicated, you can attend County wellness + work-life programs on County time with your supervisor’s approval.
  • Talk with your Department’s Wellness Champion to learn more about what’s happening in your department and at your worksite. Ask your supervisor or manager if you don’t know who that person is.

General Information for Employees:

Per the County Wellness Policy, the County has established an annual training target of four hours of wellness activities for every employee.

  • For registration and information about a specific training, program or activity, please log in to PreventionCloud. If no contact is listed on the County LMS, e-mail Employee Wellness or call (650) 363-4315.
  • Except where indicated, all Employee Wellness programs, services and activities are conducted on County time with supervisor approval. Programs are available to retirees, family members and extra help employees on a space available basis at program cost. E-mail Employee Wellness for more information and prices.
  • Some programs are funded solely by participant fees and no County funds are used to pay for these activities. Additionally, these programs are usually offered on employee time only. If either of these situations apply, it will be noted in the program description.

A Note to Retirees & Family Members:

We welcome your participation in classroom trainings and programs sponsored by Employee Wellness Program & Work-Life Services! All classroom training programs are available to County and Court retirees and family members at no cost, unless otherwise noted.

  • As a retiree or family member, you will NOT be eligible to participate in the Wellness Screening Program or be eligible for any Wellness Dividends that are available to employees at this time.

It is up to you to stay informed about our training schedule and program offerings. When you review our Calendar on our home page and see a class or training that you would like to attend, contact us directly at the Program Office by email or phone ( ; 650-363-4315). If there’s room, we will register you and you will be automatically confirmed! You are also invited to participate in any employee-sponsored activity for which there is a fee (e.g. group exercise classes, recreational tournaments, Weight Watchers). You will follow the same registration procedures and pay the same fee as an employee to participate.

  • For questions and to register for classroom trainings by email or phone, contact the Program Office ( ; 650-363-4315).

All other inquiries and general questions:


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