The County of San Mateo will transition on January 1, 2023 to a new medical insurance carrier – Aetna.  Aetna will replace ALL Blue Shield plans and will provide you with the same comprehensive coverage, the same overall benefits and co-payment schedule while also expanding coverage areas and giving many an option to save money each month!

Available Plans starting 1/1/2023:

  • The Aetna Value Network (AVN) HMO plan will replace the Blue Shield Trio HMO and offers an even larger network of doctors and hospitals, including the PAMF/Mills-Peninsula Division. (PLEASE NOTE: Not all PAMF Divisions are part of AVN so check your PCP provider to confirm.)
  • Aetna’s  Full HMO plan will replace the Blue Shield Access+ HMO and offer comparable coverage with a network that is available in 33 states. (Blue Shield HMO was only available in California so this expansion to 33 States is NEW!!)
  • Aetna’s OAMC PPO ($200 Deductible) plan) which is called Open Access Managed Choice POS or OAMC for short – will replace the Blue Shield PPO plan.  Aetna has a nationwide network that offers comparable coverage with greater access to in networks providers.

For more information including Aetna Plan Comparisons, please visit this link:

For more information, to find a provider, and for additional resources, visit the Aetna website specifically designed for: