Wunderlich Trails

Wunderlich Park offers numerous trails, some for horseback riding and hiking, and some for just hiking. Trails run along gulches and creeks, others traverse unique hillside habitats and lead you to breathtaking views of the countryside. Learn more about specific Wunderlich trails below.

Observe all trail signs and posted speed limits. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not allowed off designated paved areas. Please respect your fellow trail users and follow the trail etiquette guidelines for safe and courteous trail use.

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Alambique Trail

The Alambique Trail is an unpaved service road. It is the only trail in Wunderlich that can take you to Skyline and back without using other trails. It includes two of Wunderlich's five "destination points" - "Alambique Flat" and "The Crossroads", both of which have benches. All loop hikes in lower Wunderlich will involve the Alambique Trail to some extent. The largest known redwood in Wunderlich Park is on this trail on the way up to Alambique Flat - its gnarled limbs and blown out top made it less desirable for milling, which saved it from being felled for lumber.

Alambique Trail 1
Bear Gulch Trail

The Bear Gulch Trail is a single track trail which includes two destination points with benches - the Redwood Flat and The Meadows. It has several junctions with other trails making it useful for putting together loops of varying distances. The Bear Gulch Trail is generally mixed forest throughout; starting near the stables, the trail travels gently uphill through California bay, Douglas fir, tan oak, and madrone. You’ll be surrounded by tall shrubs including coyote bush, poison oak, elderberry, and California coffeeberry shrubs on this trail.

Wunderlich - Bear Gulch Trail-003.jpg
Loop Trail

The Loop Trail also serves as the park’s lower service road. It is a 12’ wide dirt road that goes in and out of trees before reaching the junction with Alambique Trail. The Loop Trail ends there but the Alambique Trail continues up, with the Meadow junction just another tenth of a mile uphill.

Loop Trail
Madrone Trail

The Madrone Trail can be used to form a 2.6-mile loop in lower Wunderlich Park. It can be accessed from the Bear Gulch Trail or Meadow Trail.

Wunderlich - Madrone Trail-001-cropped.jpg
Meadow Trail

The Meadow Trail offers the only hike through “The Meadows” (Wunderlich’s only substantial grassland). It offers multiple benches and a vista point overlooking the southern half of San Francisco Bay.

Wunderlich - Meadow Trail-001.jpg
Oak Trail

The Oak Trail is Wunderlich’s shortest trail, but you have to use 1.5 miles of other trails to get to it! It is another trail deserving of its name, gently rolling through an oak woodland, nearly absent of redwoods and fir trees.

Wunderlich - Oak Trail-001-cropped.jpg
Redwood Trail

The Redwood Trail, as the name implies, goes threw a mixed forest dominated by redwoods. It can be used to add .6mi to the loop described in the “Madrone Trail” section above for a 3.2-mile loop.

Wunderlich - Redwood Trail-003-cropped.jpg
Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. It’s lower end is at the intersection of Ranch/Stadler Roads outside Wunderlich Park boundaries, though most would leave the Skyline Trail at “The Crossroads” to continue down to the parking lot. There are two benches at “The Crossroads”. The Skyline Trail tops out at Skyline Blvd, with MROSD’s El Corte Madera Creek OSP across the Blvd.

Picture of Skyline Trail